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April 28, 2010

chillout :: the story of the making of the song

short and sweet :: click here to read and listen

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Comments (33)

I hope the people in your life understand what a special person you are Ze. On behalf of all of us who need to just breathe, thank you.

Posted by: Dan Trommater at April 28, 2010 3:01 PM

Wonderful work! A friend sent me the link to your song after a particularly rough day. It's a breath of fresh air. You wouldn't happen to have a song for a heartbroken mother who lost her baby would you? It's so awful there isn't even a word for it like an orphan or a widow...


Posted by: Heartbroken at April 28, 2010 9:09 PM

I love this, amazing. Hope you don't mind I shared this page to all my friends.

Posted by: Joshua at April 28, 2010 11:01 PM

I love love love this song. ZeFrank, how did you get the words sooooo right out of what she wrote.

Posted by: helen at April 28, 2010 11:42 PM

This is amazing. Absolutely made my day.

Posted by: Roxy at April 29, 2010 12:39 AM

A friend of my daughter's sent her Chillout. As soon as she listened to the song & read the story, she called me, & told me to get on facebook, listen to the song & read the story. I told her thank you & crying at the sametime. I'm going through a rough time, & she thought I would like the song & story. I loved it. It was a very kind thing you did for Laura, & a beautiful thing my daughter did for me. Thank You
From Ashley's mom.....Velvet

Posted by: Velvet at April 29, 2010 1:31 AM

Any lyrics available? I really want to follow this!!

Posted by: Craig at April 29, 2010 3:48 AM

That is so beautiful. Thank you!

Posted by: Elizabeth at April 29, 2010 8:09 AM

I was so touched and inspired by this story and the song. I had to, of course, tell everyone I know. I love it! :)

Posted by: Erin at April 29, 2010 9:59 AM

If ever there were a downtempo song that could use remixing, this would be it. Not to say that that it's a rubbish mix - it's the usual Ze awesomeness, as expected - it's just that it has that special quality that a lot of late 90s DJs really latched onto. I can just imagine this in a club with acid loops and laser shows &c., and change the game into a totally different (though equally valid) kind of awesome. In other words; can somebody who knows something about music "Whoopass" this?

Posted by: Sebastien at April 29, 2010 11:27 AM

this is just so very lovely, like an audio wubby! thank you, very very much.

Posted by: inkdusk at April 29, 2010 12:46 PM

I know I have posted earlier about the lyrics and I managed to find them on flickr (of all places!). This is because I am hearing impaired and wear hearing aids. So when listening to anything online, voices are recognisable in tones and pitches but never make sense of the words.

So I listened...

A tear rolled down my cheek after hearing it with sense.

I should say that I have suffered with anxiety on and off in my life, this somehow helps me to relax and be at peace with myself.

Thank you Ze Frank!

Posted by: Craig at April 29, 2010 2:35 PM

I just saw this today and couldn't help but cry. I don't know which was more painful, to realize how much I could relate to Laura's emails, or to hear your incredible song that perfectly portrayed every single emotion.

You are an amazing person. Thank you, from all of us in the dark, for creating this much-needed audio hug.

Posted by: Sara at April 29, 2010 11:31 PM

This touched me deeply, the story, what your friend wrote, your kindness and hard work and all the people, especially the little girl who sang. It's just beautiful. So much our common humanity when we are afraid, overwhelmed, lonely, and grieved. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. It's healing.

Posted by: Lori at April 30, 2010 1:17 AM

I stumbleupon'ed this song when I was having a particularly crappy set of days...and feeling very much like Laura. I bought the track.

Its perfect.

thank you.

Posted by: mike at April 30, 2010 11:36 AM

Saw this on the B3TA newsletter. Seriously, you should be proud of this...Karma owes you. Big time.

Posted by: Kitcar at April 30, 2010 2:33 PM

sweet, kind, generous and insightful. this song is a thing of beauty. if only everyone could get it in them to show even a fraction of the compassion it took for you to compose this song for a stranger. bravo.

Posted by: njgirl235 at April 30, 2010 4:45 PM

Reading that story while listening to the song literally made me cry. And I'm a cold-hearted, emotionally repressed bloke.

Posted by: Julius at May 1, 2010 12:49 PM

I LOVE the song! I heard it and all the audio clips on the TBTL (Too Beautiful to Live) podcast and it just made me smile! So I passed it on to all of my friends. One thing though, I can get the main song to play, but I can't get all the other clips to play on my computer. I know it WAS working on Wednesday, since the guy from the podcast played it, but now I can't get it to work. Sigh!

Posted by: Julie at May 2, 2010 4:00 AM

The song is amazing.....and you are amazing for doing something like this.......thank you

Posted by: B at May 2, 2010 2:22 PM

I'm reposting because there were a couple of typo's...sorry :-0

Hello Ze, thank you so much for this song. I have just gone through my 1st relationship in 25 years. It was all encompassing for the first 2 months and he was magnificent! And, for the next 3 months it was confusing and heart wrenching - I know, I'm a wee bit slow on the uptake. Anyway, my heart is very very sad right now and even though I know there's a light (go towards the light), I don't feel it and I'm not seeing it yet. BUT I'm breathing.

My son found your song and sent it to me. He's a wonderful son - thanks SJ.

Thank you Laura, all of the singers and to you Ze for writing it. Isn't it amazing when you put all the voices together and without changing the pitch - it was beautiful harmony...I'm always amazed by it - it’s miraculous. I liked the little girl’s rendition too – it gave it a purity and simplicity – back to the basic – “JUST BREATH”!

Posted by: Mary Lynn at May 2, 2010 4:15 PM

loving this so much - what a wonderful thing to do - what a wonderful thing to hear - in a class of its own

Posted by: Titus at May 2, 2010 4:32 PM

We lost my mom last month. It was sudden and while the coroner listed the cause of death as natural and suspects a heart attack, my sister and I suspect suicide. We haven't told anyone because... because.
Anyway. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Posted by: sad and lost at May 3, 2010 12:03 PM

Oh Ze, you are so very, very special to all of humanity. You single-handedly changed the very idea of what it means to be creative. Why has not the world grabbed you genius up like a cute little baby and kissed it on the cheeks ?

Posted by: Sandwich meat at May 4, 2010 7:38 AM

Sometimes I am hateful, sometimes I am blue, hell sometimes I simply don't ever even care, care about you. But there is this flow, this ebb, this kinetic shock that slithers and withers and forces your view. To open those large, little beautiful, blue, gray, green, brown eyes to the complete wonder that is you. We are all fighting the very same different fight, hell, let's call it a battle, no it's a war, a world war, just to stay afloat. .....and what you wrote, this tiny little note is why we might be ok. You are most likely unconsciously awatch ready to pull when we are ready to jump. and as little as we care in that moment we love you for that next day. ze, you are part of the collective good, the proverbial blue healer, one of the many that helps drive and shape this chaos flock. We, the frazzled, tired and scared would like to leave you with a hokey but very heart felt "You Rock"

Posted by: Rick Kloog at May 4, 2010 10:01 AM

Thanks man.. I really needed this...

Posted by: randmondude at May 4, 2010 12:20 PM

Will add this to certain morning meditations:)

Posted by: organicsyes at May 4, 2010 12:55 PM

Thank you so very much, Ze. When Chillout was originally posted tears were my first reaction. And second. And third. Eventually I could listen to it and feel just the calm that it inspires, but the story behind the song made it clear why I was (and am) so deeply affected by it, as those emails could have been written by me a few years back. You accomplished exactly what was asked for. Listening to it genuinely feels like a hug from someone giving unconditional love and support, with a gentle dose of reality check. It was also great to have a glimpse inside of your creative process. The universe is a better place with you in it.

Posted by: sarah at May 5, 2010 8:44 AM

A friend sent me a link to this last week. I thought it was nice and bookmarked it.

I have been listening to it in "repeat forever" mode for the past four and a half hours. It's probably the only reason I still have a job. I wish that were hyperbole, but seriously, this song is pretty much what's helping me hold it together right now.

Thank you, Ze, for writing this. Thank you, everyone who participated in recording it. Thank you, Tricky, for pointing me here. Thank you, Laura, for requesting this and articulating your anxiety so amazingly.

Just breathing,

Posted by: Jenn O. at May 5, 2010 7:28 PM

Well this post was good timing for me! I remember listening to it when it first came out and finding it to be quite comforting as I was dealing with some post-traumatic-incident anxiety. I decided to come listen to it again b/c tomorrow I'm having surgery and feeling nervous! Thanks Ze! :)

Posted by: Danielle at May 9, 2010 8:13 PM

What a truly wonderful thing you have done ze. I haven't been to your site in years. I stumbled upon the chillout page, read the whole thing, then listened to the song. Then I cried.


Posted by: jimbonics at May 10, 2010 12:27 PM

that's just wonderful. you just made the universe a little bit bigger :) both of you

Posted by: giles at May 18, 2010 7:34 PM

Thanks man. I needed this - awesome timing.

Posted by: Benson at November 4, 2010 1:53 PM

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