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July 30, 2010

ken nordine

i got an email from ken yesterday, which was a huge thrill (he likes the scribbler!). I listened to his spoken word "wordjazz" for years and still have a collection of his LPs :: amazing, funny, weird and wonderful artist :: click below for a mini documentary and a few videos that feature his poems and unmistakable voice :: click below to listen ::

this one is my real favorite :: click below to listen ::

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if you like little red books... here is a nice little video about a little red book

click below to watch ::

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July 27, 2010

walking across the (entire) country! (stop-mo)

one bucket list, a bunch of free time and the willingness to pose awkwardly in lots of places! :: click below to watch ::

the making of :: maybe he didn't actually walk across the entire country but they did take 2,770 photos AND built a protractor :: click below to watch ::

if you want to check out what walking across the country ACTUALLY looks like, click below to see matt's blog :: not as slick, but definitely the real deal ::

I'm Just Walkin'

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remember when we met?

beautisadlish animation by julia pot :: click below to watch ::

another favorite from julia based on real life interviews on the subject of 'my first crush' ::

reminiscent of nick park's awesome "Creature Comforts" ::

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July 9, 2010

cleaning a bridge w/ graffiti

click below to watch ::

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July 6, 2010

cute skateboard animation

click below to watch ::

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i'm hiring!

here's who I need : jobz :: zefrank.com :: pass it around!

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