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October 15, 2010

"Multi-Flower" :: a math game!

Lisa Schwaiger recently sent me this math game she made :: click below to download and open it in EXCEL, make your "macros are enabled" :: unfortunately, doesn't seem to work with all versions but is pretty cool when it does ::

here's what she says, "It’s a game that encourages girls to practice their multiplication tables because for each answer they get right, another “layer” is added to the “Multi-flower”, and ultimately you’ll get something like a flower. (Of course no two multi-flowers are the same.)"


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Comments (2)

Hmm... I seem incapable of understanding this one. I hit control f as directed and it asked me what I wanted it to find. Maybe I'm just too math illiterate as I don't know how to use excel... curious tho, thought this might help (actually, I can figure a 20% tip, understand a 30% shoe discount... and tell when a *salesperson is lying, so I'm not that bad).


*his/her lips move.

Posted by: jeano at October 19, 2010 2:05 AM

Hi, Jeano --

Thanks for the feedback.
I'm the maker of this little game and it sounds like the problem is that macros aren't enabled.

To change that:
--In Excel 2003, on the [Tools] menu, point to [Macro], and then click [Security].
--In Excel 2007, click on [Developer] Tab, then [Macro Security]. Note: If [Developer] Tab does not show, click the Office Button at the top-left, then [Excel Options], then put a check by [Show Developer tab in the Ribbon]

I know there is a more elegant solution to this, but I'm still learning. (Thanks for playing.)

Posted by: Lisa Schwaiger at October 20, 2010 11:55 AM

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