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December 27, 2010

PLZ Help me find someone awesome!

I'm looking for a great Front End Developer: (AJAX PHP CSS) to work with a small team I've put together...

Star.Me is an angel-funded social gaming startup looking for a well rounded, experienced (in-house) front-end developer that can handle a wide variety of challenges to become part of our team.


:: creating modules that interact with the user via javascript, html, css manipulation, and PHP

:: taking a design comp (psd) and turning it into a functional web page.

:: creating server side game logic and exposing that logic through a client side API:

:: able to get your hands dirty and whip up simple database structures

:: positive attitude... extremely important... and a sense of play!

:: a get-it-done mentality!


AJAX (preferably jQuery) :: PHP
:: ActionScript 3 (bonus)
:: MySQL (familiarity)
:: XML related to API
:: HTML5


To apply you must acknowledge that you are able to work in-house in Los Angeles (Culver City), have the required skills, and answer the following SPAM blocking technology question:

QUESTION: What is the name of the core mechanism used by Javascript to communicate asynchronously with a web server via HTTP?

Applications submitted without the answer will not be considered!

email me at jobs@star.me

xx Ze Frank
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Comments (3)

I had the perfect person until you said in-house. This is the internet, baby, people do great things at a distance all the time! :::sobs:::

Posted by: Luke at December 22, 2010 9:49 AM

Ze has officially NOT hired me. I'm ecstatic!! By this time next week, I will still not be working for the project. I am so unqualified it's amazing. I hope many more have the same luck as I.

Posted by: Tony at December 28, 2010 12:30 AM

I know, Zefrank, that you are talking to me, and I promise I'm listening everytime, and I admit sometimes I have to REALLY concentrate to follow... but this time you got me. Could you repeat it, slowly in human language this time? You know I would do anything for you :-)

Posted by: Sophie at December 28, 2010 10:57 AM

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