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January 31, 2012

breakdancing competition

click below to watch :: incredible stuff ::

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January 30, 2012

"people flying in new york city"

these guys made amazing kite/model airplanes shaped like people :: and flew them around the city :: click below to watch the awesomeness ::

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January 27, 2012

sound of silence

boy + (deaf) girl :: it's borderline saccharine :: but couldn't stop watching :: click below to watch

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January 26, 2012

data viz

commuting in chicago creates a haunting image :: from eric fisher :: "[The map] is paths from one geotagged tweet to the next by the same person, routed along the most heavily geotagged path in between." :: read the details here: http://gapersblock.com/merge/archives/2012/01/23/technology-follows-us-home/

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January 25, 2012

l'horizon :: surreal photos of surf city

romain laurent :: whimsical trick photography :: see more at http://www.romain-laurent.com/work/lhorizon/ :: (via mymodernmet)

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January 24, 2012

insecure :: by michael shevlin

a new book written by my friend Michael Shelvin (only $2.70 as a digital read) :: http://www.amazon.com/Insecure-ebook/dp/B006X3164C/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1327399735&sr=8-2

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power of music

"Jack Leroy Tueller, at age 90, recounts a remarkable experience he had in WWII." :: click below to watch ::

The Power of Music from Life File Videos on Vimeo.

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January 23, 2012

"a girl like me"

teen filmmaker Kiri Davis created this documentary to explore questions of race :: click below to watch :: skip to 3:20 to see her reconduct Dr. Kenneth Clark's "doll test" with young African American children :: read more at http://www.understandingrace.org/lived/video/index.html

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January 20, 2012

president sings al green

click below to watch ::

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underground city

berlin artist evo constructs a city below ground :: turning visitors into giants :: read more herehttp://weburbanist.com/2011/08/06/rural-underground-city-pops-up-beneath-a-german-field/

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January 19, 2012

republican candidates yearbook photos

click below and see if you can guess who's who ::

click here to see with names

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drumming an animation

"Bartek Szlachcic pointed a motion-capturing camera towards himself while he played a drum solo. He then converted the trajectory of his arm movements into simple black lines set across a three-dimensional field, animating the arcs of each individual drum hit in real-time." :: read more at http://www.thecreatorsproject.com/blog/drummers-gestures-beautifully-illustrated-in-portrait-of-the-ghost-drummer :: click below to watch

Portrait of the ghost drummer from odaibe on Vimeo.

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January 18, 2012

coloring black & white photos

beautiful if not bizarre results come from colorizing classic b&w images :: see more at

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January 17, 2012

snow forts!

some slight nostalgia out here in sunny cali for the bitter, bitter cold of the northeast :: see more at http://unrealitymag.com/index.php/2012/01/16/a-collection-of-15-awesome-snow-forts :: the homemade ones are the best :: (via neatorama)

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January 16, 2012

painting typewriter

Tyree Callahan has hacked a typewriter to become a color palette :: the "chromatic typewriter" paints its words :: the spacebar creates negative space :: see more at http://hifructose.com/the-blog/2050-tyree-callahans-chromatic-typewriter.html :: (boing boing)

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January 13, 2012

"pig chase" :: a video game for you and pigs

from the utrecht school of the arts :: lead a pig to the target and you win :: and just when you thought those flashing lights might be cruel and unusual :: "[R]esearchers at Wageningen University [in the Netherlands], in the course of their research on ethical livestock farming, noticed that pigs like to play with dancing lights...European regulations currently require that pig farmers provide mentally-stimulating activity for their pigs in order to reduce boredom" :: click below to watch a demo :: (via mother jones)

Playing with Pigs: Pig Chase from Utrecht School of the Arts on Vimeo.

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January 12, 2012

centenarian portraits

Karsten Thormaehlen takes beautiful portraits of people 100 years old (or older) in his newest photographic project :: see more of his work here: http://www.karstenthormaehlen.com/ :: (via visual news)

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January 11, 2012

electro shock :: animated short

take a hump day break :: click below to watch this awesomely sweet short about an unexpected superhero from ESMA Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques :: (via neatorama)

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January 10, 2012

machines of joy

Joseph Herscher builds the most wonderful and joyful Rube Goldberg machines :: you have to watch the video at the NYTimes site, but do it! :: guaranteed to make you smile :: http://video.nytimes.com/video/2012/01/06/nyregion/100000001266018/brooklyns-rube-goldberg.htmltml

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January 9, 2012

3D printing...on ice!

from gammon's article in wired :: "Why ice? Well, it’s cheap and readily available, and low-cost ice models could help inventors design products more quickly. The challenge of printing with ice, besides the very cold temps necessary for the process, was building a machine that’s up to the task." :: crazy :: crazy...COOL :: (via boing boing)

see more info at mcgill u :: http://www.arch.mcgill.ca/prof/sijpkes/ice/ :: and boing boing :: http://boingboing.net/2012/01/07/3d-printing-in-ice.html

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January 5, 2012

jeff harris :: 4,748 self-portraits

photographer jeff harris has taken a picture of himself every day since 1999 :: "Jeff had a normal job working in an office environment, but his self-portraits depict him doing wild adventurous activities… activities he probably wouldn’t have done if he hadn’t embarked on taking a picture of himself every single day." :: not only that, but the project helped him through some very tough times :: click below to watch a video he's put together :: (via visual news)

some examples

Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting from We Know Music on Vimeo.

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January 4, 2012

fishing under ice

i can barely tell what's going on here :: but it's incredible :: click below to watch ::

Fishing under ice from Juuso Mettälä on Vimeo.

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January 3, 2012

colbert's take on SOPA

colbert invites on Danny Goldberg and Jonathan Zittrain to help explain both sides of the SOPA (the stop online piracy act) controversy :: click below to watch :: (via boing boing -- read the comments here http://boingboing.net/2011/12/02/stephen-colbert-explains-sopa.html)

The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive

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white room + thousands of stickers + kids

from the artist Yayoi Kusama at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane :: part of her "look now, see forever" installation :: read more here: http://qag.qld.gov.au/exhibitions/current/yayoi_kusama_look_now,_see_forever :: (via poppytalk)

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