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September 20, 2012

2601 people wrote this song

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Hi Frank!

You wont believe how happy I am, since I found this great video!!!! Why? First, it's inspiring, it's magic, it's weird, it's art and at least hundred further positive things too.

Second, I'm right now working on a similar project, not knowing, how to start the "social" part, to get the footage. Looks like, I'm not so skilled in internet-things.

I got the music and I want approx. (a few?) hundred peoples to contribute to my video by sending me a short clip (by webcam/iPhone etc.). BUT, I have NO idea, how to get in touch with that much individuals. :/

Now that I saw your video, I know, you already went this way pretty successful, because you are already a person, many others are listening to your words. Those peoples seem to be happy to contribute to your projects.

So, here I am to ask you, can you send out a magical shout to "reactivate" your community members for another weird video-project - even it's not from ZeFrank?

Btw., mine will be technically probably not half that complicated, it's way more easy to contribute with a short, simple clip. But finally it will be an "art-thing" anyway. I hope... ;)

Please, have a look at my blog, where I outlined a little more in detail, what the video will contain. Well, it's just a very, very coarse sketch of my idea, but it will develope while doing it.

Frank, I hope you will read these lines and give me a feedback. You can also contact me directly by email, of course.

Hope to hear soon and for a helping hand with the "social"-thing... ;)
Ben from Germany

(Sorry for my bad English ;)

Posted by: Ben at October 22, 2012 6:56 PM

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