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September 21, 2012

oddly day

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Do you remember the time when I stepped on a snail with my bare feet and you laughed so hard that you said a little wee came out. I was so mad with you about it that I flew into a rage informing you that if you were a true friend you would be more concerned about me and my slime coated body part. In reality I was afflicted with terrible guilt about ending the life of another living being but was too embarrassed to inform you of such as our innocence and yound friendship we could not cope with such a delicate subject. I knew i had done you wrong and unjustly accused you of insensitivity but i due to guilt and pride i could not retract my previous comments. I decided to let you be the bigger person within the situation which you didn't let me down with and never have since to my great surprise and releif.

Did you remember me?

Posted by: Rachael Prime at September 23, 2012 6:38 PM

Remember that day you came over to my house that summer before 6th grade? A bunch of my brothers friends showed up and invited us to shoot pool with them. I remember how the sound of the break was so loud when they hit the ball compared to the quiet clink when I tried... but they didnt care... they were so cool! My brother was pissed because he thought he was all cool and didnt want us hanging around, but his friends thought WE were cool and we all had a blast even though we weren't very good at billiards. And then they all went home to get their suits and we all hung out and swam in our pool until it was too cool out to swim. By the time my Mom convinced us to get out of the pool we were pruny, shivery and chlorine soaked.... but we had just had the coolest day hanging out with some of the coolest high scool kids ever. And then remember when your Dad came to pick you up? I heard you tell him that I had te coolest house ever and that you wanted to live there. And then he laughed and said "Dont count on it." And in my innocence I thought that maybe he just didnt realize how awesomely cool it was to live in a trailor park with neighbors and a club house with a pool table and swimming pool.... cool is in the eye of the beholder!!

Posted by: Sue Jackson at September 23, 2012 11:42 PM

oops left out the word Touch before...

Remember that day when the air was colder outside than it had been in months and the flannel sheet smelled like you were a contractor...because you had just become a contractor. Remember how we both loved that because less than a year before you were barely hammering nails into a deck with your brother? We would come home at night and the windows with no curtains would let the city lights dotting the skyline miles away into that nearly furnitureless room where we slept and never bothered to make the bed...occasionally fluffing the comforter into evenness across it instead since that was all we needed anyway...one soft covering where we our bodies, sometimes exhausted, would rest in the scent of cedar wood and warm skin and there were not a lot of words, just music with lyrics and the things that are spoken through touch that say "God I love you!" in languages that haven't been invented yet. Remember?

Posted by: veaney at September 26, 2012 11:19 AM

Remember that day when you invited me to your house to later play in the park, but then the weather conspired to see that plan fall and a thunderstorm started, then we were about to play videogames when weather striked again (that clever poop-face) and the lights went out, so, according to your mom anyways, we were supposed to get in bed and wait for the next day. We were full of young energy so we refused to sleep and somehow we ended up talking about this strange yet fantastic memory you had of your early childhood, something about being on a misty meadow and waterfalls and camping with your parents and something about a wild boar and a big big moose, a story that even if I don't remember well I do remember thinking I didn't have anything nearly as interesting in my bag of memories, however you ended it with "Wait!...I think it was dream", which made me remember some stories of my own and our nightly conversation became filled with confused old disconnected memories that didn't know whether they were true or illusion; the night passed like that with us sharing and trying to figure out our own stories until you woke me up with an inquiring look that I quikly returned and, at that point, we couldn't help but to laugh. Do you remember?

Posted by: L.Z. at September 26, 2012 9:01 PM

Remember that time on the first week of summer way back then, and how we met up at the creek down on the south end of the neighborhood. Maybe it wasn't really a creek, probably more of a drainage ditch, but it was too wide to jump across without a real good run first. Anyway, we spent the afternoon trying to build a dam to stop the sluggish flow of the water.

It wasn't your plan, or my plan, but it was really important to use the biggest rocks on the bottom. And we found that one blue grey one, the color of storm clouds, that was too big for me to lift, but I could pry up the side and kind of roll it. When we flipped it over there were these tiny water snails with black shells stuck to the bottom. You said they were eating the moss on the rock and so we had to get them back in the water so they wouldn't starve and dry up.

We picked them off one at a time and put them in the creek in the shade and got that big rock in place. Then it was too hot and humid to build anymore, so we were looking for more snails until it started to thunder. We had to race home on our bikes. My house was closest to the creek, so we stopped there and my mom gave us donuts that were left over from her church meeting and told us we couldn't come in the house 'cause our shoes and legs were so muddy.

Then you said you had to get home before the rain, and I saw you hop on your bike. You were riding off when my mom came outside and sprayed me with the garden hose to get rid of the mud.

I think we went back to build on that dam two or three more times in the two weeks before I went off to summer camp. We didn't finish it, and by the time camp was over, the creek mostly dried cracked mud.

Remember the creek?

Posted by: Richard at September 27, 2012 5:10 PM

Hey Ze,
Remember the day I found your website and decided not to hate the entire internet thing?

Posted by: Matty at October 5, 2012 1:16 AM

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