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Peregrine 11-12-2010 12:19 AM

Bman 11-13-2010 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by lukkucairi (Post 425853)

in the second place, I'm in the basement with B.

Get me out of your radioactive panic room!

lukkucairi 11-13-2010 04:45 PM

^ you've got to help me sort these boxes first :p

Bman 11-13-2010 05:43 PM

We just need to find the right algorithm!

MoJoRiSin 11-13-2010 09:02 PM

at this rate we should be all set to go
in no time : )


The table is tested. The largest round table ever built, that is. A table that has proven itself in an undisclosed location in Berlin; proved itself with volunteers who, despite Berlin's international nature, certainly could only offer a foretaste of the names, the voices, the personalities who will occupy that table on 9 September on Bebelplatz. Because on 9 September, Dropping Knowledge will host 112 of the most influential people of our times around this table.

xfox 11-14-2010 12:39 PM

Hey, it's time so slow down.

Marcus Bales 11-16-2010 11:39 AM

Now that Bman has "sorted your boxes", time to choose a word for the Dictionary Game.

MoJoRiSin 11-17-2010 02:16 AM

we could do this sort of thing
(ie right up our alley no?)

brightpearl 11-20-2010 12:28 PM

12"razormix 11-23-2010 05:58 AM

zero 11-23-2010 04:07 PM

12"razormix 11-23-2010 05:32 PM

brightpearl 11-23-2010 07:11 PM

lukkucairi 11-25-2010 11:28 AM

zero 11-25-2010 03:11 PM

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