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Animal 05-03-2003 07:28 PM

cafeteria farts
In my elementary school, they would shut off the cafeteria lights when we got too noisy. Everyone would immediately shut up, although I don't remember any penalties if you didn't. Anyway, one day I was eating at a round table with some classmates, and the lights turned out to quiet us all. So sitting in the silent dark, I leaked a bit of gas, which consequently vibrated against my hard, blue, plastic chair, amplifying the fart so that the entire cafeteria could hear. And somehow, even in the dark, everyone seemed to know it was me... judging by their pointing fingers and cruel, cruel laughter.
I'm not sure I ever recovered, which is why I make animation about dumb stuff like that. I post everything atBigDumbAnimal.com if you're interested. I hope I'm not alone in the sad loneliness of chronic gas. a tear rolls down my cheek.

Frieda 05-03-2003 10:42 PM

let's give you 1 (one) advertisement post per day. is that an idea?

masterofNone 05-04-2003 12:21 AM

how about 1 per month... that way he'd be done for the year.

Animal 05-04-2003 02:31 AM

alright, jesus... just trying to get the word out

AllegroNg 05-04-2003 05:34 AM

Did he just call you jesus??;)

Frieda 05-04-2003 08:53 AM

kumbaya, my lord!

i couldn't even find your page on google, Animal. get organised!

masterofNone 05-04-2003 09:31 AM

first I'm gay, now I'm Jesus. I guess the two don't need to be mutually exclusive.

p.s. if you want to promote, do what 'ze did. Win a Webby award.

Animal 05-04-2003 10:40 AM

funny you should mention that, I've been busting my ace submitting the site to just about every search engine on earth. Thanks jesus

masterofNone 05-04-2003 10:48 AM

wait, I thought... is Frieda Jesus or am I Jesus... I'm confused. Either way, no problem... you've got an interesting site. We're just not used to billboards in our little cyber-town. It's a promotion free environment and, y'know, we haven't checked with the mayor on this, but, we'd like to keep it that way. You're more than welcome to hang out and join in though.

Frieda 05-04-2003 11:05 AM

i'm not jesus! you're jesus!

masterofNone 05-04-2003 11:44 AM

new game - Jesus Tag. Tag you're it!

Frieda 05-04-2003 11:45 AM

*pos welcome wagon deja vu*

tag ya back! you're it

Animal 05-04-2003 11:48 AM

alright thats no problem, sorry to perturb you guys. I just put up the site and because I'm having trouble getting on search engines, I thought other Zefrank fans would appreciate some of it. no more cheesy billboards. Thanks all.

AllegroNg 05-04-2003 01:29 PM

K but you're still gonna post stuff, right?

Zyle 05-04-2003 02:19 PM

he better had... he makes funny stuff...

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