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umbrellasong 10-12-2002 09:51 AM

Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Chicago, IL

The Great Outdoors. Thy have best sub sandwiches ever. It's a small, local franchise that is owned (or at least used to be) by this wacky military guy who insists on every ingredient being measured perfectly by the ounce. They also have awesome ice cream and shakes. Don't confuse them with the Great American Hero, however. That one is very similar, because it's owned by the wacky military guy's brother. They started out as partners and then had some falling out and I guess the court settlement divided them up. But the quality of the Great American Hero does not match that of the Great Outdoors. Try the Invention (#21 i think)! MMMMM


It's actually in Littleton. A tinly little cafe with a warm, fuzzy atmosphere. If you go in more than once, count on being recognized and treated like an old friend. They switch out the menus on a weekly basis, but it doesn't matter because everything is good.

They have a website:



In a suburb, Roselle. Their menu has everything. I even forgave them the goofy photo the had of Dubya when he visited because I liked the food that much.

umbrellasong 10-12-2002 09:53 AM

The Rosewood Cafe
Sorry, I left the name off that last one. The Rosewood Cafe,

saskuoch 10-18-2002 11:50 AM

When I lived in Dallas, we used to eat at Cantina Laredo on Royal Lane. That was 4 years ago, though. No idea if it's still good.

Also, after midnight movies at the Inwood, Cafe Brazil is on Abrams at Richmond. Open 24 hours. And good omelets, desserts.

Alright, that's all I have. When I lived there my friends and I usually felt compelled to eat at a lot of in-the-way eats, like Copelands and Blue Mesa (miss those sweet potato chips, though). We all sort of grew out of that when we we no longer, ya know, 16. But I'd moved away by then :(

And I can't really do much for Denver and Chicago. When I lived in those places, I was too young to eat out much, or when I did, care about anything but the color of crayon I got with my kiddie menu.

Katie-cat 10-21-2002 11:49 AM

Eating in Dallas
Cafe Madrid in Uptown has the best tapas.

Jack's Burger House in Snider Plaza has the best hamburgers. The other locations are utter mistakes; only eat at the one in Snider Plaza on Hillcrest. I am in the third generation of my family to eat at Jack's, and so are most of the people who go there. Sit at the lunch counter if you can get a spot.

Bubba's in Snider Plaza has the best fried chicken I've ever eaten - the best thing is to get your food to go and take it back home so you can eat it while watching hockey.

Brother's Pizza at Fitzhugh and Travis has the best New York-style pizza.

Sevy's in Preston Center has the best venison.

The Samba Room tuna appetizer, cooked rare, is the best tuna in town. Try the plaintain chips, too. The best entree on the menu is called Loma - beef tenderloin cooked on a stick of sugarcane with muchrooms and watercress.

Tramantona has the best osso buco. It's a great small place and is perfect for a date.

Sol's Taco Bar and Tango Lounge in Deep Ellum has really good arroz con pollo and also has a kosher menu - the bagels are flown in from NYC. I hear it has something to do with the water :)

Cafe Istanbul on Lover's Lane near the Inwood theater has good food and a belly dancer on Friday and Saturday nights. I had the unfortunate experience one evening of watching my father do shots off her stomach. Have you ever laughed and cried at the same time? I'm scarred for life.

Everyone argues about the best barbeque. If you're visiting from out of town, though, go to the little shack on Inwood at Harry Hines and get a chopped beef sandwich and onion rings. It's the first location of Sonny Brian's barbeque, and it's won tons of awards and is an excellent example of Texas barbeque. They open at 11 and close when they run out of food, which is usually around 1, but they often run out of ribs at 11.30 or so.

fodder 08-04-2003 02:27 AM

dallas -- green papaya

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