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Willow Sylph 04-29-2005 05:26 AM


Originally Posted by Audreyvgs
Well, Hell. I'll quit, and then still smell sour, so what would be the point then.

hahah! Zen, you butthead! :p I really hate it when people hack looches in public, especially when it's the first thing I see as I open my car door and set my foot down on the ground. I also really hate it when certain people scratch their balls in public and then, like, open a door I'm gonna open afterwords. *vomit*

Oh. But about the smoking. Yeeees. Stinky. Although I must admit that I have a lot of compassion for smokers because of how harsh people can be towards them. It's an addiction, and addictions are ****ing hard enough to break without everybody ostracizing you for it. (But quit already ya stinky, unhealthy, cancer-spreading, mother-f*ckers! :p :D )

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