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Clytie 02-10-2005 10:04 AM

for lala:

Clytie 02-10-2005 10:06 AM


Clytie 02-10-2005 10:08 AM


Large Marge 02-10-2005 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by Clytie
is it just me or do u just want to hug the queen?

Yes, I do, but I want to slap her first.


Clytie 02-10-2005 10:24 AM

shes so cute always matching

Hyakujo's Fox 02-10-2005 01:15 PM

for amanda:


The Thought Fox

I imagine this midnight moment's forest:
Something else is alive
Besides the clock's loneliness
And this blank page where my fingers move.

Through the window I see no star:
Something more near
Though deeper within darkness
Is entering the loneliness:

Cold, delicately as the dark snow,
A fox's nose touches twig, leaf;
Two eyes serve a movement, that now
And again now, and now, and now

Sets neat prints into the snow
Between trees, and warily a lame
Shadow lags by stump and in hollow
Of a body that is bold to come

Across clearings, an eye,
A widening deepening greenness,
Brilliantly, concentratedly,
Coming about its own business

Till, with sudden sharp hot stink of fox
It enters the dark hole of the head.
The window is starless still; the clock ticks,
The page is printed.

-- Ted Hughes

*taps sholuder*

mind if I cut in? (just this one time)

for lala:

tsunamimom 02-10-2005 03:15 PM

For Clytie:

For Pricey:


Audreyvgs 02-10-2005 04:31 PM

Now THIS was cute

Clytie 02-10-2005 05:45 PM


Clytie 02-10-2005 06:28 PM


rmr 02-10-2005 06:51 PM

you know who you are

rmr 02-10-2005 06:55 PM

to whom it may concern

bealeblues 02-10-2005 06:56 PM

someone leave me a message.

not you, british

rmr 02-10-2005 06:57 PM

for beale

bealeblues 02-10-2005 06:59 PM

thank you rims.

everyone follow her lead and send me something nice.

Clytie 02-10-2005 06:59 PM


priceyfatprude 02-10-2005 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by bealeblues
thank you rims.

everyone follow her lead and send me something nice.

bealeblues 02-10-2005 07:04 PM

thank you clytie.

i've experienced that scenario as some of the congregation at my old girlfriend's church tried to lay hands on me to cast out my demons.

i don't think it worked, but another shot couldn't hurt.


edited to add: thank you pfp, but the answer is still no. :)

rmr 02-10-2005 07:10 PM


what's a tony danza

rmr 02-10-2005 07:40 PM

c u here -- u know who

dinzdale 02-10-2005 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by rmr
what's a tony danza?

I'm not sure but you end up with a greasy arsehole.

bealeblues 02-10-2005 07:55 PM

no, that's just the condition in which you wake up every day, mate

dinzdale 02-10-2005 07:57 PM

Yeah, those Nolan Sisters will try anything...

bealeblues 02-10-2005 08:03 PM

at least they operate in shifts

be sure to, um, weatherproof your leather in the mini to avoid, um, bleaching when you take the nolans for a taquito cruise....

Clytie 02-11-2005 03:47 AM


melissa 02-11-2005 03:49 AM

Is he wearing pink socks?

priceyfatprude 02-11-2005 04:32 AM

1 Attachment(s)
For Marge:

priceyfatprude 02-11-2005 04:38 AM

1 Attachment(s)
For Frieda:

Large Marge 02-11-2005 04:41 AM


Originally Posted by priceyfatprude
For Marge:

Oh dear god.

WHY is that man still on television?

Aphrodite 02-11-2005 04:48 AM

amanda 02-11-2005 04:54 AM


Originally Posted by bealeblues
someone leave me a message.

not you, british

pft. shows how much you listen to me.

no, no forget it. the bruise is already there. it'll take time to heal, I know.

I can be strong.

hold me, momma

trisherina 02-11-2005 05:00 AM



Large Marge 02-11-2005 05:25 AM


Originally Posted by Aphrodite

Yeah, but didn't "Who's the Boss" go off the air about 15 years ago?

rapscalious rob 02-11-2005 08:36 AM


amanda: everyone knows you rock
c3: it will only get better from here. :)
pp(z) & r: how nice.
mm: fish tacos and margaritas!!!! :D
audrey: welcome back! :D
eh: thanks.
beale: chin up

Frieda 02-11-2005 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by priceyfatprude
For Frieda:

this, i love :)


Audreyvgs 02-11-2005 02:33 PM

rob - I never went away! :confused:
cyltie, are you huggin' me in that pic? Thanks! :o

I LOVEd the queen mum. When I went to England we followed her schedule and saw her a couple of times. I saw Liz, too, but dear gawd, her color stylist is right smack out of his mind. Puce, of all things.

Clytie 02-11-2005 02:56 PM

aud: much love

Clytie 02-11-2005 03:11 PM

nite moccasin

craig johnston 02-11-2005 03:17 PM


rmr 02-11-2005 03:43 PM

^^ i met him in the early 90's :)

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