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brightpearl 01-08-2010 01:14 AM

Brynn 01-11-2010 12:10 AM

wow i wonder what that tastes like :confused:

Brynn 01-11-2010 12:20 PM

Very nice in full screen.
Are we alone?

YsaPur EsChomuw 01-12-2010 02:10 PM

Jack Flanders 01-12-2010 03:56 PM

(You win.)

Brynn 01-18-2010 03:44 PM


I think this is an appropriate place for this clip

YsaPur EsChomuw 05-21-2010 03:39 PM

Brynn 05-21-2010 08:53 PM

^ oh my gracious.

a visit to the sloth orphanage

Jack Flanders 05-22-2010 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by YsaPur EsChomuw (Post 422793)

Two Jay Leno Jr's in training with a Junior in the middle.

Brynn 05-27-2010 06:26 AM

brightpearl 06-06-2010 10:32 PM

brightpearl 07-14-2010 09:22 PM

MoJoRiSin 07-27-2010 07:36 PM

.....general who loses a battle makes but few calculations, thuws do many calculatio
lead to victory and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculations at all! It is by attention to this point that i can forsee who is likely t o win or lose. :)
~ sun tze

Brynn 07-28-2010 10:20 PM

Hi Mo! Good one, yay!

Marcus Bales 07-28-2010 10:46 PM

Hey who killed the Dictionary Game thread?

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