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Brynn 12-31-2009 05:35 PM

I heart you. You always know just waht to say to me, like a ninja parent who has mastered the gentle art of distraction.

Jack Flanders 12-31-2009 05:37 PM

AWWW!! I heart you too!! Check out my Bejeweled score!! :D

Brynn 12-31-2009 05:45 PM

Byotch. You know I can't break 125,000 with a touchpad. :mad: Cheater. I'm going to go try now, that's my damn announce-ma-thing.

Odbe 12-31-2009 09:07 PM

Hey guys it's next year over here :D
Happy new year!

lukkucairi 01-05-2010 06:34 AM

^ HNY Odds!

(several days late :p )

I would like to announce that vitamin D3 seems to make all the difference.

Brynn 01-05-2010 02:41 PM

Avatar would have been better in 3-D, but I refuse to pay $15 for a movie ticket.

Brynn 01-05-2010 08:15 PM

And one more thing: snuggies are for girls, mankets are for guys.

MoJoRiSin 01-05-2010 09:16 PM

^ :D:D:D

Odbe 01-08-2010 06:38 AM

Going to a summer school workshop in yon big-shot art school! :D See you in a week!

Marcus Bales 01-08-2010 11:40 AM

I'm going to work.

Frieda 01-08-2010 09:24 PM

i might, that is MIGHT just get a raise in march. i really hope so.

Hyakujo's Fox 01-08-2010 11:44 PM

give it a rub, Frieda!

Marcus Bales 01-11-2010 09:42 AM

You get it, if you’re reading this --
Unless some prof decreed it;
If so you’d probably rather piss
On poetry than read it.

That’s fine – move on: it’s accrual
Accounting, then, for you,
Or something like it, and on to duel
With life without a clue.

But you – the one who’s part seen through
The hash your teachers make
Of art, who hope the business view
Is some absurd mistake,

It’s you I want to talk to here
Where we few reminiscers
Still pass it on and persevere:
Ignore the ****ing pissers.

Brynn 01-11-2010 12:31 PM

^From the sublime to the ridiculous, this morning I'm accompanying a class of sixth graders to a waste water treatment facility.

Odbe 01-13-2010 07:34 AM

^ Is that excursion to teach them that life outside of school is also boring and smelly? :rolleyes:

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