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madasacutsnake 10-14-2005 09:38 PM

Old fellow, mad as a meat axe, at the home, fiddling around with various stuff in his room.

Snake: What you got there Sid?

Sid: Dementia

Avalon 10-14-2005 10:15 PM

Can you hear me now?

Frieda 10-15-2005 05:23 AM

^^^ nope, can't hear you.. there's a tit in my ear :p :D

karma_queen 10-16-2005 08:26 AM

my semi date left me for a dancing midget. last night i was pissed off. today i can laugh

madasacutsnake 10-16-2005 08:32 AM

Watching your dad get overheated and informing the uniformed official holding your passports that their country's foreign policy is a crock of shit may work well as a dinner party anecdote a few years down the track once they've let you out of Guantanamo Bay, but it's probably for the best if you can impress on him the value of a zipped lip and a strategic smile.

smellyrayzin 10-22-2005 04:27 AM

emo oranges


Frieda 10-26-2005 10:41 AM

my manager leaning against my office wall.. then noticing his hand is exactly in the place of a half naked Hasselhoff pic..

the look on his face! :D

karma_queen 10-26-2005 12:20 PM

jesustitties' jude law post on the hot guy thread

Avalon 10-30-2005 11:52 PM

Poor Phil Spector..and it isn't even officially Halloween.. He looks like someone's crazy grandmother to me. Dresses like one too. :eek:

Spector had a subdued hairdo and a subdued expression on his face when he arrived in court Thursday. He wore a tan three-piece suit and knee-length jacket, a silver dragonfly brooch on his lapel, and black boots with three-inch heels.

smellyrayzin 10-31-2005 02:03 AM

<3 JT

trisherina 11-08-2005 02:28 AM


Originally Posted by Hyakujo's Fox
The first rule of book club is "no-one talks about book club".

madasacutsnake 11-08-2005 09:42 PM

Flood of Biblical proportions

THE rain may not have lasted for 40 days and 40 nights but Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus probably would have liked the help of the Ark yesterday.

Floodwaters which inundated the River Torrens swept the Christmas trio from their stable, which is part of SA Brewing's Christmas display on the riverbank.

They were joined by an aquatic friend - whale Moby Dick made an uncertain start to his swim before mastering the art of riding the waves. He reached Underdale before beaching in the debris, leaving SA Brewing staff the difficult task of plucking him from the torrent.

Tom Keller, 22, of Ottoway, could not believe his eyes when he saw the giant whale floating down the river - with a pair of boxing kangaroos not far behind.

Mr Keller decided to rescue them from a watery grave.

"The whale is sort of in its place in the water, but the kangaroos look a bit weird. We were also thinking about getting wet towels to save the whale because we were worried about it being beached," he said. SA Brewing regional manager Mark Haysman said the company was still searching for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. "There is grave concern for the safety of Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus as water has swamped their stable," Mr Haysman said.

Smartypants 11-08-2005 09:46 PM

priceyfatprude 11-10-2005 02:45 AM

"Iím in this crossroads of losing the same thirty pounds Iím always either gaining or losing. Itís a weird bridge, this thirty pounds, between three sizes of pants and two cup sizes, the difference between a t-shirt that fits just so and a baggy loose neckline. The thirty pounds drunk dials me, wanting to get back together, whispering that no one has ever been as good in bed as I was. The thirty pounds canít stop listening to Dashboard Confessional and it sends me flowers and like a chump, I fall for it every time, because the flowers are chocolate flowers, with peanut butter stems and the vase is made of fried chicken. Thirty pounds, itís not you, itís me."

karma_queen 11-10-2005 11:52 AM

dick van dykes tan in diagnosis murder

craig johnston 11-10-2005 11:59 AM

my brazilian gynocologist friend who, in a discussion about food, asked;

'what do i say when i want whore?'
'you know, when i have a steak and i want whore'
'it can be well-done, medium or whore'


and the graphic gesture which accompanied him saying 'i.u.d.'


Frieda 11-10-2005 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by karma_queen
dick van dykes tan in diagnosis murder


12"razormix 11-10-2005 03:45 PM

eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww MAN camel toe! :D

AllegroNg 11-10-2005 09:13 PM

Part of a coupon I found today..

melissa 11-10-2005 09:24 PM

That frog is wiping his ass!

madasacutsnake 11-10-2005 10:25 PM

I have asthma.

smellyrayzin 11-10-2005 10:49 PM


Originally Posted by 12"razormix
eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww MAN camel toe! :D

tis an almond joy!

trisherina 11-11-2005 12:17 AM


3. almond joy

a person who is only attractive sometimes.

John Mayer is an almond joy.

NimbleMarmoset 11-14-2005 03:45 PM

craig johnston 11-14-2005 04:11 PM


Brynn 11-15-2005 04:13 PM

^^^^forwarding immediately to spouse :D

[use only for emergencies

dinzdale 11-15-2005 07:27 PM

What made you laugh today...
..Craig Johnson admitting he used to wank himself off thinking about a puppet.


craig johnston 11-16-2005 04:15 AM

i hadn't discovered that pleasure at the age of 5.
no doubt you were an early starter.....

karma_queen 11-16-2005 01:32 PM

there was a foul woman in the supermarket about an hour ago. she seemed to think there were 2 queues, where there was only one, and so tried to get in front of me, with her vile basket full of chicken nuggets and crisps. so i moved to another queue, 'accidentally' pushing her as i went.

i won - i got through faster. it was a small victory, but it made me laugh in a 'ha!' sort of way :)

Frieda 11-16-2005 02:03 PM

awful what's happening, but a pic full of sarcasm:

the weather in france

dinzdale 11-16-2005 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by dinzdale
..Craig Johnson admitting he used to wank himself off thinking about a puppet.



Originally Posted by craig johnston
my first true love!



Wanking over a puppet.

craig johnston 11-16-2005 03:11 PM

so, in your world love = wanking?

dinzdale 11-16-2005 04:08 PM

It's not? :confused:

craig johnston 11-16-2005 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by dinzdale
It's not? :confused:

something that made me laugh today

madasacutsnake 11-16-2005 09:42 PM

So I went for a wee country drive today. I ended up along a kind of weird and spooky dirt track, the kind closed in with trees and which feels cold and creepy at any time of the day. I got to the end, saw this, freaked out, stopped long enough to take a pic and shot through:


trisherina 11-17-2005 12:31 AM


Jack Flanders 11-17-2005 12:32 AM

HAHAHA. Tired of Puppets. Thank you for changing the subject. The creepy tree , sign and unnatural stone wall would make me scream.
Did you find a lake?

madasacutsnake 11-17-2005 01:55 AM


God no. I took off as soon as I got the pic.


Marcus Bales 11-17-2005 05:42 PM

Human Skateboard: http://dreamchimney.com/oftheday/ind...1.10.105&otd=3

lapietra 11-18-2005 04:41 PM

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