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inclusivedesign 10-24-2006 06:58 AM

Design for Obesity
Despite the fact that obesity is a growing 'epidemic', modern society seems ill-equipped to deal with larger body sizes. Public transport, Airlines and Cinemas are a few examples. Should we redesign our cities to make them more 'fat friendly' or not?

Feel free to email me direct if you prefer at inclusivedesign@jameschetwood.com

Thanks a lot


dinzdale 10-24-2006 11:41 AM

What a load of bollocks.

Frieda 10-24-2006 11:47 AM

do you need special seating for your bollocks? should we redesign our cities to make your bollocks fit into them?

dinzdale 10-24-2006 11:52 AM

It makes as much sense.

How can you design anything for a short, tall, fat, thin, immobile, fit, left handed ambidextrous, person.

Fvcking bollocks I tells ye.

How about designing stuff cheaper for poor people? Better still make it edible for the hungry :)

Audreyvgs 10-24-2006 12:45 PM

There'd be some money well spent! How did we ever get along pre-pc?

dinzdale 10-24-2006 12:49 PM


I just remembered that New Orleans will be a "chocolate city" - move the fvckers there and they'd eat the bastard.

I crack me up.......:)

Brynn 10-24-2006 01:13 PM


As for me, I think it would be great if everything would be re-designed for obese people - just think how much comfier an airline seat would be for everybody! (stretches luxuriously)

Coffee 10-24-2006 01:44 PM

I think a true "fat city" should be designed with NO fast food restraunts...all roads go uphill, cars are banned; walking or bicycling only allowed. Move the fat folks there till they are fit to live in regular cities. (jk of course :D )

dinzdale 10-24-2006 02:12 PM

If we're resdesigning for different people, let me know when I can get an appartment in Titville, or better yet, a pied-a-terre in Vadgetown.

Coffee 10-24-2006 07:05 PM

Sign me up for a small spread in Kitty Valley.

Jack Flanders 10-24-2006 07:18 PM

How about a high-rise condo in Peter's Valley? There's actually an area up the Delaware River by the Water Gap with that name. It always makes me giggle. oh and there was an old village outside of Princeton NJ now where Route 1 is called Penns Neck. Everyone I know around here always reads it with an invisisble "i" in the Penns. :D

Brynn 10-24-2006 09:23 PM

I live five miles from Beaverton, OR.

You can actually buy jerseys from the city's baseball farm league:
The Fighting Beavers

auntie aubrey 10-24-2006 10:22 PM


inclusivedesign 10-26-2006 06:30 AM

Design for Obesity
OK... Didn't expect that at all! Not quite sure how I managed to offend so many people but apologies all the same. Thanks auntie aubrey for the supersizeworld.com link. I guess my aim was not to make specialist shops however, but to somehow incorporate people so they didn’t have to use ‘specialist shops’ at all. The feedback was useful so please keep posting, even its just to talk about by bollocks again.


auntie aubrey 10-26-2006 10:06 AM

when you exist in a minority, you can't expect to shop with the majority.

it's capitalism, baby. just because some people take up 4 movie seats, that doesn't mean theaters should toss out 3 out of ever 4 seats to make room for the big'uns. it would be economic folly to think you could incorporate every form of "difference" into the design and structure of every aspect of the world.

guess what, there are a lot of short people in the world, too. maybe we should make a rule that nothing should be stored above the 4th shelf in any business establishment? and all public transportation should be low-riders.

the reason i posted the link for you was so you could see how market pressures create solutions. not what you suggested, which is a sponsored redesign of our entire world to accomodate a small minority. "small" used figuratively, of course.

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