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nycwriters 04-19-2007 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Marcus Bales (Post 339360)
buccula - - the always semi-rigid cartilaginous-centered penis of the adult male Englishman, from 9 to 13.5 inches in length, though it only gets thicker, not longer, when the surrounding erectile tissue is engorged.

9 to 13.5?! hahahahahahahhahahahaha

I guess points for generosity :)


Buccula - slang from the scouser's handbook for "cover up"

"Buccula your coat up, lest ya catch a bad bad cold"

or conversely

"Buccula yer pants up, I don't wanna see that thing waggin' at me"

Marcus Bales 04-20-2007 12:30 AM


Originally Posted by nycwriters (Post 339898)
9 to 13.5?! hahahahahahahhahahahaha
I guess points for generosity :)

buccula - the discount females have to make about male claims, normally between 40 and 50 percent.

NYCWriters applied the normal buccula to the casual reference the fellow at the bar made to his "big ten-inch", and then, when she saw his smirk, increased the discount. "If he's more than four and a half I'll be surprised," she murmured to Trisherina, who replied "Yeah, but who'd want to check?" They giggled like schoolgirls, but meaner. And longer.

xfox 04-20-2007 10:58 AM

buccula term used to frighten on Halloween.

Buuuccula, buccula, buccula, buccula, ha!

12"razormix 04-20-2007 02:07 PM

buccula, pl. med.

an especially nasty group of carbuncles necessitating surgery

dinzdale 04-20-2007 07:02 PM

Alrighty then....

buccula - a double chin. HA!

Right then... in no particular order

Daver - too Quantum Leapy
BMan - too bucky
Trish - too gummy
Funky T - too real for comfort :eek:
Hinkyjink Fox - too acne
TIP - dog's breath
Footlong - cheese breath
Brynn - to bronco-y

Marcus B - HA!! Triple entry, though fun in some social settings, is unfortunately disqualified.
A pity that, even though the English penis was underestimated.
Never underestimate an English penis. ;)

Nyce lady - too scousey

First runner-up and sliver plated giant shoe-horn
Tunesmith for the visual we have all seen and I'm sure, like me, find strangely attractive..

..which leaves only the winner of the Grand Prix d'Or Tete de la Tete Bon Nuit et Bon Chance trophy to

COFFEE - shaved vadge. :)

I can never resist admiring a neat, concise referrence to my favourite food group.

Take her away, Heinz...

Coffee 04-21-2007 02:30 PM

Thanky kindly Dinz!

Like he said...It often helps to know your judge's prefs.

The new word is:


Brynn 04-21-2007 05:05 PM

kedging - shaved, on a boat :D

Hyakujo's Fox 04-21-2007 07:55 PM

kedge (v) to be preempted in a change of direction by one's adversary

Hyakujo's Fox had just arrived at the Dictionary Game only to find Brynn had surreptitiously visited in the early hours of a gray Sunday morning and thoroughly kedged his newly forged plan to throw self-respect to the wind and use outright pandering to win over the judge, when a glorious 50ft yacht with a hull full of the finest Brazilian coffee beans, crewed entirely by girls in bikinis sailed past his study window.

Marcus Bales 04-22-2007 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by dinzdale (Post 340069)
Marcus B - HA!! Triple entry, though fun in some social settings, is unfortunately disqualified.
A pity that, even though the English penis was underestimated.
Never underestimate an English penis. ;)


kedging - lying about the size of one's penis.

Brynn 04-22-2007 09:47 PM

kedging - to reminisce nostalgically for the days when H.Fox did not escape victory by deliberately disqualifying himself by referring to other players in his entries, if only to be able to submit more fanciful efforts such as
"kedging - v. a drunken attempt to trim a laurel hedge by beating it with a tennis shoe, " without having to add "while simultaneously whacking off into a nearby rowboat.":D

Taking the Dictionary Game as seriously as ever,
I remain your humble nubile deckhand,
Brynn "Hoist those sails!" Barnaclescraper

Bman 04-22-2007 11:29 PM

Kedging - (V) The act of aging one's shoes artificially.

Edgar bought a new pair of shoes and promptly began kedging them in order to convince his friends that he did indeed shop at thrift stores as he had often claimed. -_-

daverbee 04-23-2007 09:30 AM


A particular type of wood trim often used on bordellos. Commonly installed behind the bed to give the lady something to hold onto while practicing her trade. Also useful for tying silk scarves to or as a place to affix handcuffs.

Having finished his lesson on crown molding,the old timer turned to the apprentice carpenter.
"How do you cut kedging, son?"
"Don't know, sir."
Unlike crown molding, son, you don't cut kedging upside down and backwards."
"How do you cut it, sir?"
"Doggy Style."

trisherina 04-25-2007 02:30 AM

kedging retrieving a dropped morsel of food.

They sat around the table after dinner, not saying much, listening to the dog at her kedging.

T.I.P. 04-25-2007 05:44 AM

kedging: aggressively hogging both armrests

Matilda was distraught to see that she would be spending the entire flight stuck between two shameless kedgers.

funkytuba 04-25-2007 11:37 AM

kedging - brown rim that remains after a cup of hot beverage has partially evaporated having been left at the back of one's desk or kitchen counter

Matti had to break out the Soft Scrub(tm) to eliminate the kedging from his mugs before the cupping of the Cup of Excellence winning Colombian La Esperanza #1.

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