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special K 11-30-2003 11:23 PM

esp or any type of psychic phenomena
I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about telepathy, esp and clairvoyance. I'm curious as to whether any of you believe in esp or any related psychic phenomena and why or why not?

Don't worry about being wrong, I'll supply you with the correct answers when I'm ready.

special K 11-30-2003 11:43 PM

Come on, let's take this a long way.

Discuss tensor center functions and cortical functions.

Take it even farther... psychokinesis (telekinesis)... ect.

I'm very interested to hear WHY and WHY NOT people believe in this.

special K 11-30-2003 11:50 PM

Do you think it's possible? Do you think maybe we already use such things but are just unaware?

Are we capable of it? Are some people possibly more sensitive to these things?

What if it were as simple as creating new synapses, impulse channels or neural networks, from nerve cell to nerve cell. Just now existing in a highly primitive state. Waiting to evolve, and already evolving in some individuals.

Or is it all coincidence?

fodder 12-01-2003 12:16 AM

the existence of of an esp ability in humans or other animals would not be consistent with anything we know about nature

so, no

moel 12-01-2003 12:18 AM


Originally posted by fodder
the existence of of an esp ability in humans or other animals would not be consistent with anything we know about nature
that doesn't mean anything. that's actually pretty arrogant.

rmr 12-01-2003 12:20 AM

i believe in intuition. i believe we all have it, yet we don't always recognize it. for example, we may know the outcome of a certain situation ahead of time and some may say that that is some form of esp. I think that's intuition. Or a certain person may give off a particular negative vibe and one picks up on that. to me that's not being clairvoyant, it's using one's intution.

We all have intuition in my opinion. I think some are not as aware of it as others or maybe they don't like what it's saying, such as "that guy is no good for you", but it's there and i think in most cases it's correct.

fodder 12-01-2003 12:25 AM

it's fact so i win regardless of arrogance

assume that some kind of 'something' is radiated from a person's brain as he or she thinks. how would another person's brain ever know it? nowehere on the surface of the body is there a specialized organ that appears to lack a fxn and which contains cells to help 'unknown forces'

but if you want to give me proof or anything that's cool

it's all a matter of coincidence, but it'd be nice to believe otherwise

edit to add: but yeah, i agree that the closest thing to that would just be intuition

moel 12-01-2003 12:27 AM

i think intuition is only a subconscious measurement of emotions, judgments and experiences, that you can feel but canít quite put a finger on.

i think itís all coincidence. and if it does exist, it exist in no way as we think of it. I canít come right out and say it doesnít.

i think some people put more thought into such things, and just become more aware of what is happening.

there is just so much going on

moel 12-01-2003 12:30 AM


Originally posted by fodder
the existence of of an esp ability in humans or other animals would not be consistent with anything we know about nature

so, no

at one point in time the idea that the earth orbiting the sun was inconsistent

fodder 12-01-2003 12:36 AM

well, yeah, the whole method of science is based on being open minded

there are always going to be close minded individuals in every group that ignore evidence, new ideas, etc

look at pseudoscience.

random: i got in an argument with my friend the other day about the 'healing power of crystals.' she was for it and i was against.

i made my case and she said, "if you'd only open your mind.. not be so close-minded" when in fact i'm totally open to any proof or experiments that can prove something other than w/subj validation; she is the one refusing to budge from her belief, regardless of experiments disproving it, etc

rmr 12-01-2003 12:38 AM


Originally posted by moel
at one point in time the idea that the earth orbited the sun was inconsistent

exactly, and i'm sure there were people who wanted proof at that time. i guess then esp has to do with faith.......there will never be actual proof. unless you've experienced something so powerful in your own life that you feel that was proof enough. still that won't mean a thing to others.

fodder 12-01-2003 12:42 AM


i guess the only way someone could really believe in it would be if they put that much faith in several isolated incidents and didn't think about coincidence or reality, etc

or they were manic and out of touch with reality or looking for something

moel 12-01-2003 12:47 AM

or they were a freak who could actually do it

fodder 12-01-2003 12:51 AM

stop clogging the board with your inane speculations


rmr 12-01-2003 12:53 AM

some people want to believe in esp or clairvoyance, etc. in hopes of being able to make sense out of life. all that "it was a sign", "I felt that it was so right" or even pulling this topic a bit in another direction, there are people that want to communicate with the dead. who doesn't want to talk to a loved one that has passed, but i don't buy it. i don't believe that there are certain individuals that are placed on this earth that are able to communicate with the dead and i believe that there are some people that are so desperate that they want to believe it, regardless of what is said to them. They buy it.

If you've ever had your palm or tarot cards read it's so general. Anyone can take what is said to them and somehow relate it to their lives.

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