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MoJoRiSin 12-29-2008 10:43 AM

zmost likely mo will be sleeping, however, many of her (heathen) friends will be here ::

(scroll down)

"With music as our medicine and Ganesha as our guide,
we release all that obstructs
the state of embodied radiance
that is our true nature"

Brynn 12-29-2008 03:36 PM

my husband is earning extra money doing dj gigs this year (nothing flashy - he just plays music and takes requests). He wants me to go with him and be his groupie. That way we can be bored together watching other people dance, and then kiss at midnight.

zero 01-01-2009 10:50 AM


¿ should auld acquaintance be forgot♫
and never brought to mind ?

lukkucairi 01-01-2009 11:54 AM

thankyou mr erzo same question was bothering me this very morning as I was gargling away the dregs of 2008 with a mug of fresh seawater...

I should say it depends on the acquaintance, but certainly of the quality we find in these hereabouts no, it shouldn't be forgot.

trisherina 01-01-2009 01:00 PM

I've never understood what that blootered song was aboot. Like Kurt Vonnegut said about the American national anthem, gibberish sprinkled with question marks.

Brynn 01-01-2009 06:47 PM

tidbits from Wikipedia:
"Canadian band leader Guy Lombardo is often credited with popularizing the use of the song at New Year’s celebrations in America, through his annual broadcasts on radio and television, beginning in 1929. The song became his trademark."

"Many Japanese department stores and supermarkets play the song to let customers know the store will be closing soon."


"Garrison Keillor’s New Year’s Eve Special" had the audience sing an adaptation of the lyrics with a humorous last verse: "I think of all the great, high hearts I had when I was young / And now who are these sad old farts I find myself among?"

MoJoRiSin 01-01-2009 07:07 PM

i used to have a book of baby names
(1946 Evelyn Wells)
on the last page
is followed by

brightpearl 01-01-2009 07:32 PM

Well, I guess I'll keep on unless I run out of kindness cups.

Never can tell.

YsaPur EsChomuw 01-01-2009 08:20 PM

1. No.
2. All these auld acquaintances seem to be rather blothered with all those cups o' kindness

And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere !
And gie's a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll tak a right gude-willy waught,
For auld lang syne.
Oooh, my imagination runs wild...

Jack Flanders 01-02-2009 04:23 AM


Originally Posted by trisherina (Post 403727)
I've never understood what that blootered song was aboot. Like Kurt Vonnegut said about the American national anthem, gibberish sprinkled with question marks.

Me too.

zero 01-03-2009 11:03 AM


when did you last see anyone smoking a pipe?

Frieda 01-03-2009 11:36 AM


my dutch teacher in high school smoked a pipe. he also had a beard. those two often seem to go together.

zero 01-03-2009 11:48 AM

i'm a wee bit surprised to hear that. i don't know why, but i'd have expected there to be an above-average amount of pipe-smoking going on in your nether regions.

a gentleman sauntered past me in the street yesterday smoking one. it smelled good and strongly reminded me of times gone by when my father would puff away contentedly on his pipe. then it suddenly dawned on me that it's ages since i saw anyone smoking a pipe. hence the question.

YsaPur EsChomuw 01-03-2009 11:56 AM

this summer, a (probably) tourist was smoking his pipe in a summer restaurant
it smelled nice (I slowed down to look and smell :o )

xfox 01-03-2009 03:32 PM

the 60's, and it wasn't tobacco...

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