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madasacutsnake 02-03-2010 05:54 AM

Fresh midnight air, smelled when you are leaving the nursing home after a long nine hours.

lukkucairi 02-03-2010 11:29 AM

playa dust rising unexpectedly from last year's furs

fresh air at the top of the canyon road in the middle of winter

a dead christmas tree on the compost heap

cooking chocolate fudge

a fresh sour-orange, cut in half

lukkucairi 02-03-2010 11:33 AM


WHAT is your QUEST ?

Marcus Bales 02-03-2010 02:39 PM

To follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

madasacutsnake 02-05-2010 07:32 PM

To run where the brave dare not go;
To right the unrightable wrong

To fight for the right
Without question or pause,
To be willing to march into hell
For a heavenly cause!

I believe in these things to a fault.

brightpearl 02-05-2010 07:58 PM

to learn to pay attention

MoJoRiSin 02-06-2010 01:27 AM

new city


trisherina 02-06-2010 03:19 AM

to remain curious

Jack Flanders 02-06-2010 04:02 AM

To out-smart the fvkin' squirrels in my neighborhood.

xfox 02-08-2010 12:32 AM

I'm with you ^ Jack!

New QOD:

When did the electric last go out and for how long and what inconvenience resulted?

Odbe 02-08-2010 05:13 AM

It flickered off and on the other day while everyone was out.

Originally Posted by the local tech geek
I know it happened because all my technology's screwed.

Brynn 02-08-2010 06:01 AM

It happens occasionally while we're asleep. The only indication I have of it is that the display on the digital clock in the kitchen is flashing.

12"razormix 02-08-2010 03:47 PM

bring it RAIN
have two boots!
i like them both the same
:) splish splosh asplash


MoJoRiSin 02-08-2010 04:24 PM

blah blah blah......
knowing all those years of meditation practice were not wasted

Frieda 02-08-2010 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by xfox (Post 420504)
When did the electric last go out and for how long and what inconvenience resulted?

when the hose of my dishwasher decided to unhose itself from the siphon, leaked into the power socket and blew out the RCD, about a year ago, at 2 am on a weekday. i called my dad to fix it, which he did and that was nice.

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