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priceyfatprude 06-29-2005 12:12 AM


Funky Tuba made me laugh out loud today.

You will have to guess which post it was on your own.

melissa 06-29-2005 01:34 AM

I know! I know!!

venusupnorth 06-29-2005 12:42 PM

priceyfatprude 06-30-2005 11:07 PM

venusupnorth 07-01-2005 11:07 PM

smellyrayzin 07-02-2005 12:31 AM

lapietra 07-03-2005 01:14 AM

An Irish Fruit Cake

1 cup of butter
1 cup of sugar
4 large eggs
1 cup of dried fruit
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of salt
1 cup of brown sugar
Lemon juice
A bottle of whiskey


Sample the whiskey and check for quality. Take a large bowl. Check the whiskey again to be sure it is of the very highest quality. Pour one level cup and drink. Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer, beat one cup of butter in large fluffy bowl. Add one spoon of sugar and beat again. Make sure whiskey is still OK. Have 'another sup. Turn off mixer. Break two eggs and add to bowl. Chuck in cup of dried fruit. Take out cup. Mix on the turner. Sample whiskey again to check for consistency. Next, sift two cups of salt, sugar or something, who cares? Check whiskey. Now sift the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one tablespoon of brown, white, black sugar, or whatever colour you can find. Wix mel. Grease the oven. Turn the cake pan to 350 gredees. Slide into oven. Get out of oven. Do not forget to beat off the turner. Throw bowl out of window, check last of whiskey and go to bed.

trisherina 07-03-2005 05:29 AM

holy mackerel

priceyfatprude 07-03-2005 06:35 AM


I don't know if any of you have ever seen a show on the Discovery Health channel, called "14 Children & Pregnant Again!" but @ the above link they totally snark on it. It's snarktastic.

Clytie 07-04-2005 01:34 AM

one of my best friends is the 4th in a family of 14...and 12 of them are girls....great family too :)

Clytie 07-04-2005 02:15 AM

smellyrayzin 07-05-2005 06:14 AM

JesusTitties 07-05-2005 06:46 AM

i love you

madasacutsnake 07-05-2005 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by trisherina

Give her my ebay ID. The perfect customer. Buys and never complains because she never opens her packages anyway.

"I'm assured all this stuff in quite valuable, by the way."


"Those buttplug looking things on the monitor are old glass insulators they used to use on telegraph and telephone lines. I'm assured they also are quite valuable."


There is possibly a piece of Falcon Ware on those shelves. Judging by the rest of the cr*p though, I doubt it.

venusupnorth 07-08-2005 03:41 PM

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