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zero 05-15-2009 04:52 PM

magic words aplenty!

12"razormix 05-15-2009 04:53 PM

my arse!

zero 05-15-2009 04:54 PM


Originally Posted by 12"razormix (Post 411033)
you PROMISED not to talk about that..

i can talk about it so long as i'm wearing my balaclava for disguise purposes

zero 05-15-2009 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by 12"razormix (Post 411036)

that's ANOTHER MAGIC WORD (very powerful that one)

Stephi_B 05-15-2009 04:57 PM

This is too amusing to take my magic NAP now :D

zero 05-15-2009 05:07 PM


Frieda 05-15-2009 09:44 PM

what's all this about balkilavas and such matters


oh well

i guess i'm just late

zero 05-16-2009 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by Frieda (Post 411051)
.. balkilavas ..


you're all mixed up with the national banjo of the russias, frieda - we're hardly going to wear those on our heids in the SAS - ARE WE?? mindyou it would be pretty good for disguise purposes, i'll give you that. i'll mention it at my next operation-briefing.

Stephi_B 05-21-2009 12:52 PM


due to !!gENTLEMEN'S dAY!!

!!lADIES veryveryveryvery wELCOME!! so that the gentlemen do not lose all their gentle ;)

cOME oN iN nOW aLL yOU lOVELIES to warm your souls and bellies :)

zero 05-21-2009 03:03 PM

gentlemen don't get blooterd

zero 05-21-2009 03:50 PM

(until they've let the ladies get blooterd first, obviously)

Stephi_B 05-21-2009 04:33 PM

This is exactly what I wanted to hear :) (I already feared you were no real gentlemen :eek:) Oh and you may get blootie bloo now for I see ca. 3.5 gentlemen at the moment who look most definately like you.... *hicks*

Frieda 05-21-2009 05:14 PM

crazy folk

Stephi_B 05-22-2009 07:55 AM

Sorry Miss Frieda, we've run out of crazy folk :( Am desperately awaiting the new load to arrive. Can I bring you something else for the moment? Beer with pretzels, wine with cheese, schnapps with double to triple sight or just a coffee with a biscuit?

YsaPur EsChomuw 05-22-2009 08:14 AM

I qualify for crazy, but the sedatives haven't worn off yet. And um... I'd like something calming anyway.

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