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priceyfatprude 03-31-2004 05:43 AM

Do you ever think of ppl on this board *away* from the board?
Someone on the TV just said he had a "zen-like approach to blah blah blah", and I thought of Zenbabe.

Maybe I just need some sleep. Anyone else?

JesusTitties 03-31-2004 06:47 AM

whenever i take out the trash i think of zenbabe

zenbabe 03-31-2004 06:49 AM

I saw a car parked next to mine at the Walmart SuperCenter that said 'THE DEV' and well....ya know.........if I had a cam...I totally would have taken a pic............

And I read a story today about the taxi cab hike and thought of nyc and pfp.......

dickieC 03-31-2004 09:21 AM

I think about Ms. Bomby Cookahs all the time.... no, I'm not obsessed...

Willow Sylph 03-31-2004 10:49 AM

Yes. The people AND the thread conversations. And I'm still a new monkey. Is this beginning of an obsession?

daverbee 03-31-2004 11:06 AM

'Fraid so.
I think about how the folks on the other side of the Atlantic are just winding their day down while the folks on the West Coast are just waking up.

sparticle 03-31-2004 12:04 PM

Tomorrow I will have been here a week, and I find myself thinking of this one or that one all the time as I go about my daily errands. It's rather nice, really. Rarely have I felt so at home on a message board. Probably never, in fact -- it was like walking into that little neighborhood hangout you've always meant to stop by, having seen the lights and heard the music from outside, and, on walking in, discovering it really is full of fun and fascinating people. :)

Of course, it's also kind of like being hauled to the loony bin and finding out they were saving a bed for you. :p

lvlycwgirl 03-31-2004 12:12 PM

"where everybody knows your name...."

sparticle 03-31-2004 12:16 PM

hee! indeed....

Audreyvgs 03-31-2004 01:06 PM

Why, yes. Thank You God for YIMs, Webcams and all that magic stuff also.

RuneT 03-31-2004 02:13 PM


Originally posted by lvlycwgirl
"where everybody knows your name...."
your name was the first thing I noticed...

lvlycwgirl 03-31-2004 02:23 PM


Originally posted by RuneT
your name was the first thing I noticed...
Really? Why?

RuneT 03-31-2004 02:28 PM

because it's right over the bum picture :D

chuckie egg 03-31-2004 03:14 PM

Haha! I once saw a huge billboard poster that said DV8 um.. I think of Dickie whenever Oxford, Old Speckled Hen, Harry Potter or Peter Kay is mentioned. I imagine I'll always think of Daverbee when I see Charlie Dimmock from now on *shudder* For some reason I always think of Rune when I see fish! And then of course theres always the Lala - cat connection... yeah, the list goes on...

RuneT 03-31-2004 03:15 PM

every breakfast...

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