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Josue 02-04-2003 09:25 AM

Rural USA: Biker bars, truckstops, etc.
Roadhouses, biker bars, truckstops, you name it. Let's see what you've found while on the road or living off the grid.

I'll start with my town's only bar (not counting the bar in my town's only hotel, of course): the sign says "Bernice's" but everyone calls it "Johnny's", cause that's the friendly bald guy serving you your beer. There are only 300 people living in this town (French Gulch, CA, just west of Redding off 299), so Johnny only opens up a couple of days a week, hours depending on his mood. The bar is about as old as this Gold Rush era town and the walls are covered floor to ceiling with guns, animal skins, antiques, and 1960s-era Playboy centerfolds... and the best: a full blown naked poster of Jackie-O. But that's not why you come here -- this is French Gulch's only meeting spot (besides the International Order of Odd-Fellows building), and mountain men and biker chicks abound. Cheers.

amanda 02-13-2003 06:59 AM

Peggy's 50's Diner, between Barstow and Las Vegas.

A godsend of all places, especially being on a back of a bike in December, bright and early on a cold desert morning.

Full on greasy-spoon cafe- griddle cakes are hot, the coffee's stiff and service is with a big smile. Elvis is everywhere, as is adverts from the decade and reminders of living a better, more aware life: "Shake it, don't break it".

Classy joint.

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