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dddrum 09-17-2005 08:34 PM

Aye aye... 's comin' back around, me hearties!

(laughing a la Mr. Crabs) UK UK UK UK UK UK UK UK!!!

Coffee 09-19-2008 11:27 PM

Aye it be that time again.

Happy RRRRrrrrrrrrrrr day mateys!

brightpearl 09-19-2008 11:50 PM

I found some tights to match my hat.

So, er...What was it?
Oh yes.
Get out of me way before I hoist you on your own petard!

Coffee 09-20-2008 01:03 PM

Yrrrrrrrr a scurvy dog to talk to the Captain like that...I'll have to make ye walk that thar plank back and forth a few times or more for wearing that pirate garb lassy!

brightpearl 09-20-2008 08:05 PM

Nope, day's over and I've gone back to my lemon-print muumuu.

T.I.P. 09-22-2008 04:50 PM

pirate keyboard

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