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Awed_Job 08-30-2007 01:07 AM

October 15th is the deadline for applications. Below are the listed requirements from the DMLC application page. If we select a couple of viable ideas by September 10th that will give us a month to finalize them. Then a final application candidate can be selected and polished for the deadline on the 15th of October.

What You Will Need*

* Narrative project proposal (1000 word maximum)
* Project summary (250 word maximum)
* Project evaluation plan (250 word maximum)
* Detailed budget in table form
* Budget narrative (2 pg maximum)
* Résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) and those of any collaborators (2 pg maximum each)
* Names and email addresses of up to 3 people who will write letters of recommendation (see below)
* Various other brief descriptions of timeline, mentoring aspects, etc.

*Feel free to register, log in, and look around. You do not have to submit an application if you change your mind.

Letters of Recommendation

* Up to 3 are permitted
* Due at application deadline
* If appropriate, one letter should be from a supervisor who can attest that you will be allowed time and, if applicable, resources to work on the project.
* Other letter(s) should ideally be from experts in fields related to your project who are familiar with your project and can attest to its significance.
* Be sure to notify your references before entering their information in the application system. They will receive an auto-generated email with instructions for submitting letters of recommendation immediately after you have entered their information in application system.

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