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Frieda 01-01-2014 07:38 AM

twenty fourteen
What are your resolutions?

i am going for:
- health and being fit -> i am going to go to the gym (really!)
- save money -> don't spend so much on crap i don't need and sell whatever i can do without. And pay off the credit card.
- clutterless apartment -> i am going to clean up after myself and use cupboards and closets. The dinner table, bed and kitchen counter are not storage areas.

how about you?

Hyakujo's Fox 01-02-2014 03:19 AM

Oh so many things I should resolve to do.

At the moment it's eating better and exercising more. (Okay I realise that's not exactly a specific goal, but it's enough right now) Anyway, day 2, I'm doing okay.

I'll add: to move house and get a pet.

Let me think about this. :rolleyes:

Frieda 01-02-2014 10:31 AM

I already failed my 2nd resolution! :eek:

YsaPur EsChomuw 01-02-2014 05:08 PM

1. be less negative and less often
2. reduce internet time to afternoons (except for work-related matters)
3. read more, re-read poetry books
4. take pictures
5. read the whole Bible in a year

6. In the summer I'd like to go through all 40 Discworld novels. Maybe.

Bman 01-02-2014 10:32 PM

I'm glad all you monkeys are still here whenever I check in. I almost didn't make it back! That last one was a doozy.

zero 01-03-2014 07:25 PM

Hyakujo's Fox 01-04-2014 04:38 AM

^he luvs us, deep down

Frieda 01-04-2014 06:22 AM

Oh, thank fvck he's ok. I've missed him.

brightpearl 01-05-2014 01:30 AM

I've missed him, too.

1. Work up to the 7 minute workout twice a day. (I'm dragging my older one along with me, hahaha. He can almost beat my husband at arm wrestling!! :eek: )
2. Get to the effing doctor for a physical for pete's sake.
3. Put the Chinese ink painting set I got for Christmas to good use.
4. Oh yeah, definitely find time for reading.
5. Add a second vegetable bed and don't forget to water it!!

brightpearl 01-05-2014 01:36 AM

Oh, and return to my former halfway okay housework routine with flylady.net, who taught me how to clean the house when I had kids and no longer had a whole hour to clean the kitchen all at once. It's corny, but it works!

Except for the shoe part. I refuse to put shoes on unless I'm leaving the house.

Coffee 01-05-2014 03:34 PM

-Continue skateboarding and hacky-sacking for balance and exercise.
-Spend less and save more to fix boat systems this year.
-Figure out a way to advance my scheme to save the world from evil selfish ****s.
-Befriend Elon Musk and Bill Gates, both of whom probably have a hard time finding quality poor friends in their positions.
-More fruit and nuts, less meat and cheese.

Brynn 02-18-2014 07:02 PM

More love, less complaining.
Do my best
Be nice to myself when I don't do my best.
Be nice to others when they don't do their best.
See my mom. Don't try to get her to stop watching Fox News anymore.

brightpearl 02-25-2014 10:26 PM

That's a nice list, Brynnie.

Jack Flanders 03-04-2014 02:05 AM

What are these resolutions you speak of? Don't own 'em...don't do 'em. I want this red thumb thing on Facebook.

Frieda 03-04-2014 06:48 PM

I've kept #3, to an extent.. Never went to the gym and the spending less part isn't working for me either..

one out of three is more than i expected!

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