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beckstra 10-30-2007 01:21 AM

This Is The Thread Where We Have An Announcement To Make...
I understand this is about three months overdue, in fact, I may have already put this out there, but it excites me to no end. I got my dream job. I'm the director of youth ministries for a Presbyterian church. I get to lead teenagers in the way they should go.

Pray for them. Ha!

Jack Flanders 10-30-2007 02:14 AM

Ha!! Good for you!! Have fun and keep on dancing!

craig johnston 10-30-2007 05:36 AM

which way should they go?


Coffee 10-30-2007 06:47 AM

The "right" way...dumbass.:rolleyes::p

brightpearl 10-30-2007 06:56 AM

I would like to announce that I am happy for beckstra. :)

trisherina 10-30-2007 09:57 AM

Let's say I'm a gay teenager. I hold hands with my same-sex peer when we go off to do outreach work at the soup kitchen. Sometimes we stand with an arm looped around one another's waists. We can't get enough of one another!

Elder Belcher observes this and advises the senior minister to tell you to "get these kids under control." He duly does. What do you do?

madasacutsnake 10-30-2007 05:28 PM

There used to be this bird at work who would get pregnant "because the guy will love you more when the baby arrives". She also used to pass out prescription drugs in the staffroom. We would joke that she missed her calling as a high school counsellor. Beckstra will do a better job, I'm sure.

Brynn 10-30-2007 07:02 PM

Congratulations, Beckstra! How has it been going for you? Have you been doing this for three months now?

beckstra 10-30-2007 09:55 PM

Well, first question: I have my first gay teenager. He either doesn't know it yet, or if he does, he hasn't come forward with anything. If he does, I'll love him and squeeze him and keep him for my very own (just as I did with my best guy friend in high school). If the elders felt the need to complain (I think the Presbyterians are beginning to lean the same way as the Episcopalians these days), I would assure them that I have everything under control, and that I was put to the duty of leading the kids for a reason.

Second question: The kids I'm watching over go to the school with the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state(!). Half of my kids are having sex (before me even, boo). We'll be having the sex talk in the next month and a half. There's a stash of condoms in the bottom of my file cabinet. They don't know that yet, but there is. I called around to the school. They have a parenting class and a daycare and still aren't passing out or making prophylactics available. I've talked to the senior pastor. We agree that the right needs aren't being met. *sigh*

Last question: I love it. It's my dream job. I'm not just blowing smoke out my ass either.

trisherina 10-31-2007 01:24 AM

Clearly not.

lukkucairi 10-31-2007 04:03 AM

I'd like to announce that I second beryl's announcement.

Congrats, Beckstra :)

Anna 10-31-2007 06:00 AM

live to work, congrats!

madasacutsnake 10-31-2007 06:16 AM


Originally Posted by beckstra (Post 366867)
Half of my kids are having sex (before me even, boo).

That must truly suck, lol.

Hyakujo's Fox 10-31-2007 08:18 AM

just remember teenagers are insane and you'll do okay.

brightpearl 10-31-2007 10:29 AM

^we'd all do well to remember that everyone is insane. :)

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