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ambo 05-30-2003 03:50 PM

counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
they've all come
to look for ameeeerica

Red Princess 05-30-2003 03:55 PM

toss me a cigarette i think there's one in my raincoat,
we smoked the last one an hour agooooo

ambo 05-30-2003 03:57 PM

hang on to your hopes, my friend
that's an easy bit to say
but if your hopes should pass away
simply pretend
that you can build them again

Red Princess 05-30-2003 04:13 PM

i think we scared everyone away.....

ambo 05-30-2003 04:15 PM

tough titties

Red Princess 05-30-2003 04:22 PM

sing it with us!

ambo 05-30-2003 11:16 PM

OMG RP - we almost killed the thread

we will have to find new songs to quote

Red Princess 05-31-2003 09:54 AM

just resting, maybe we are the only ones that know the words

in the clearing stands the boxer
and a fighter by his trade
and he carries the reminders
of every blow that
laid him low
or cut him
til he cried out
in his anger and his shame
i am leaving i am leaving
but the fighter still remains

trisherina 05-31-2003 01:47 PM

what a dream i had
pressed in organdy
clothed in crinoline
of smoky burgundy

softer than the rain

i wandered empty streets down
past the shop displays
i heard cathedral bells
trickle down the alleyways

as i walked on...

agentsmith 05-31-2003 03:28 PM


ambo 06-01-2003 08:17 PM

deputy sheriff said to me
don't know what you come here for boy
you better get your bags and flee
you're in trouble boy and now you're headed into more

it's the same old storyyyyyyyyyeah
everywhere i go
i get slander
i hear words i never heard in the bible

and i'm one step ahead of the shoe shine
two steps away from the county line
i'm just trying to keep my customers satisfied

Red Princess 06-01-2003 09:55 PM

song in my head today is 'i wanna be sedated'

someone sedate me, please

agentsmith 06-01-2003 11:53 PM


Originally posted by moel
nope, a smilie cannot kill this thread. almost thought....
ah, but what about
:) :)

Deviate 06-02-2003 10:39 AM


Red Princess 06-02-2003 11:01 AM


Originally posted by moel
*shoots RP with a tranquillizer gun*
ahhhhhhh, thank you so muuuu....

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