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amanda 11-08-2002 09:54 PM

We've had the discussion about avatars and screen names....

Now: What does your signature (if you've got one) mean to you? Why do you want that particular saying to associate with everything you write?

Also the meaning of your custom text (the bit under your screen name), if you've acquired the way to change it.

saskuoch 11-08-2002 10:26 PM

I saw my signature on a bus. I spent an evening asking friends if they could figure out what it was supposed to me, and no one could. So I've made it my personal motto :p

As for the custom text, every time I put cheese in the hall refrigerator here, someone steals it. Pisses me off to no end.

lapietra 11-08-2002 11:56 PM

Mine's a line from "Buckaroo Bonzai" that when I first heard it, it seemed really funny and kind of Zen (you know, "Be Here Now" kind of thing)... later I realized what it meant to me, which is that no matter where you go, who you are is always there, good or bad. No escaping it. And also, sort of comforting.
My custom line... well, I'm definitely not bland. ;) At least, I'd like to think not...

Frieda 11-09-2002 12:48 AM

okay mineŽs from a Terry Pratchett book.. just read Terry Pratchett and youŽll know what i mean. youŽll be addicted forever!

Mean Girl 11-09-2002 01:59 AM

Jim Elliot is one of my heroes. He was a missionary in Ecuador in the 50s. The quote is a summary of Christianity.

Go ahead, call me a geek. I can take it.

amanda 11-09-2002 03:23 AM


Originally posted by Frieda
okay mineŽs from a Terry Pratchett book.. just read Terry Pratchett and youŽll know what i mean. youŽll be addicted forever!
Oh I know, Frieda- I've been bit by the Pratchett bug also.

But why that particular quote about Thaum?

NekoPunk 11-09-2002 10:54 AM

well, lessee.... my sig. is a frank zappa quote, and i thought it was pretty cool. my anthro prof. quoted it one day in class talking about countries and whatnot.

the custom text is just something i say a lot. it's from some movie... i don't remember which one... but all the characters are from jersey. if you say it with a jersey accent, it sounds much better.

bealeblues 11-09-2002 01:13 PM

ok, my turn....

my custom text is just that-- all my friends' wives hate me... they collectively think i'm something of a bad influence on their husbands.... but the truth is, i have agreed to be the fall guy so they can blame anything we have done on me by saying that it was my idea... so i'm something of a martyr....

and my staring baseball---it's silly really..... i've had this baseball close to forever and it sits on my desk... the staff here at the office love to screw around with this baseball b/c they know it is one of the few things that will push a button with me-- well, they've always threatened to deface the baseball by drawing on it, running it through sewage, etc., but instead of defacing it directly, they drew eyes on a sticky note and stuck it to my baseball to give it a human quality... so now the baseball sits on my desk and stares at me.... i figure that if i leave the sticky note on my baseball, they will leave it alone, and so far, it's worked

beckstra 11-09-2002 01:28 PM

no reason.

Frieda 11-09-2002 01:59 PM


Originally posted by amanda
Oh I know, Frieda- I've been bit by the Pratchett bug also.

But why that particular quote about Thaum?

well because itŽs the typical Terry Pratchett-way to explain what something is.. he turns it into something ridiculous.

LadyCrow 11-09-2002 07:52 PM

My sig is directly from the Master Himself:

:: drum roll, please ::

Weird Al Yankovic

I've been a fan of his since "Eat It" came out in '83('84?), and I've seen him in concert 4 times (1st was in '87 when he opened up for The Monkees, and the others were when he was the headliner). I HIGHLY recommend seeing him live, 'cuz he puts on one helluva show, & is funny as hell.



red 11-10-2002 12:20 AM

My custom text was because I couldn't stop playing this game .
My signature is because I am an ameatur astronomer/closet astrologer and it picks me up when I'm down. It's beautiful.

dickieC 11-10-2002 06:04 PM

Re: Heh

Originally posted by nycwriters
... I'll buy dinner for the first person who gets my sig without looking it up online.
I don't have any latin, but I think it means something like "he who can read this has a smattering of education"

Is that close enough? I'm coming to NY in January...

AllegroNg 11-10-2002 08:04 PM

If you can read this, you are overeducated.. it used to be my quote on AIM.. very funny! ::gives nyc a flower::

amanda 11-11-2002 12:14 AM

Damn it! I knew it, but I'm asleep when most of you are talking.

That's what I get for living half a world away, I suppose.

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