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The Duke 06-29-2007 07:25 PM

Car Bomb Plot in London - Threat Message Posted on Jihad Forum
Yet another terrorism plot by the Religion of Peace™ in Britain; the BBC’s best guess at this point is that it was planned by “international elements:” Police avert car bomb ‘carnage’.

British police officers secure the area near to Piccadilly Circus in London, where cops found a vehicle that contains a suspected bomb, June 29, 2007. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

You and I know that it certainly wasn't the Presbyterians , and it certainly wasn't the Jews as the UK's Muslim Public Affairs Commitee claims did it. ...Right ? You do think , don't you ?


A car bomb planted in central London would have caused “carnage” if it had exploded, police sources have said.

A controlled explosion was carried out on the car, packed with 60 litres of petrol, gas cylinders and nails, in Haymarket, near Piccadilly Circus. An ambulance crew saw smoke coming from the green metallic Mercedes, near the Tiger Tiger nightclub at 0130 BST. Later part of London’s Park Lane was closed to traffic after reports of a suspicious vehicle. ...

Sources close to the investigation said that the Park Lane closure is linked to the discovery of a vehicle at an underground car park. It is also believed to be linked to the investigation into the Haymarket car bomb. At the moment it is not known if the vehicle at Park Lane contains a device.

“International elements” are believed to be involved with the Haymarket bomb, Whitehall sources told the BBC.
They (MSM) refuse to use the "I" word here .
Fact: Islamofacists planted these bombs , and my guess is you can expect many more of them in the near future...Hello World !

Of course the many Ostriches were sighted today
MSNBC did their best to ignore the plot: Terror Plot Foiled: MSNBC Ignores It.

Then there was no Spin:
Fox News reports that it may have been a failed suicide bomb; apparently the suspect took off running when it failed to detonate.

Then thee was Guestimation:
UK authorities say the two vehicles discovered so far were “linked.” And one was set to be remotely detonated with a cell phone trigger.

Then there was the Obvious
A second car is being examined in an underground car park; and apparently there was enough gasoline in the first car to completely fill its trunk.

Finally the Proof:
CBS News reports that a message was posted on a jihadi bulletin board hours before the car bomb was discovered: Was London Bomb Plot Heralded On Web?, Internet Forum Comment From Night Before: ‘London Shall Be Bombed’.

And let's not forget, there’s a Salman Rushdie connection.


Hours before London explosives technicians dismantled a large car bomb in the heart of the British capital’s tourist-rich theater district, a message appeared on one of the most widely used jihadist Internet forums, saying: “Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed.”

CBS News found the posting, which went on for nearly 300 words, on the “al Hesbah” chat room. It was left by a person who goes by the name abu Osama al-Hazeen, who appears regularly on the forum.

Al Hesbah is frequently used by international Sunni militant groups, including al Qaeda and the Taliban, to post propaganda videos and messages in their fight against the West. ...

Al-Hazeen’s message begins: “In the name of God, the most compassionate, the most merciful. Is Britain Longing for al Qaeda’s bombings?”

Al-Hazeen decries the recent knighthood of controversial author Salman Rushdie as a blow felt by all British Muslims. “This ‘honoring’ came at a crucial time, a time when the whole nation is reeling from the crusaders attacks on all Muslim lands,” he said, in an apparent reference to the British role in Iraq.

“We say to Britain: The Emir of al Qaeda, Sheikh Osama, has once threatened you, and he carried out his threats. Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed,” the message reads.
The Adventure Begins ! :cool:

The Duke 06-29-2007 07:27 PM

MPACUK: Car Bomb May Have Been Planted by MEMRI
At the UK’s Muslim Public Affairs Committee web site, a commenter thinks this may be a “marketing stunt.”
By MEMRI. Or some other “Israeli front group.”


Lets wait and see if this was:

1) organised by misguided non-believers chanting “Islam” and retaliating for the murderous foreign policies of Blair.


2) was organised as a marketing stunt by SANE, MEMRI, or another unofficial branch of the IDF Intelligence section.

Whoever it was, it is very scary to think that the war is being brought to our streets just because Britain has taken part in the murders of millions of muslims abroad and ecouraged Israel to behave in the same criminal manner.

I maybe completely out of synch with the fanstasy world. I mean this may have absolutely nothing to do with foreign policy in somebody’s deluded world.
Wow. Insanity this deep is almost as scary as the car bomb.:rolleyes:

The Duke 06-29-2007 07:30 PM

Daily Ku Klux Kos Kids: London Bomb a 'Crock of Crap'
There’s nothing at all on the Daily Kos front page about the London car bomb plot, of course. It doesn’t advance the cause for them to discuss terrorism of any sort, unless they can “frame” it as Bush’s fault.
But in the diaries, the Kidz are already raving: Daily Kos: London Bomb—What a Crock of Crap!!


You know what you call a vehicle with 50 gallons of gas? A Cadillac Escalade. The media meltdown over this incident is simply shameful. ...

Judging from the overreaction to this non-incident I think we can safely conclude that Osama Bin Laden will remain holed up in Pakistan and let the fear mongers at CNN, MSNBC, and FOX do the dirty business of scaring the sh*t out of people.
A commenter thoughtfully suggests that it’s a CIA plot:


CIA op against Brown? (0 / 0)

This is so ridiculously over the top, and it’s suspicious that such a major “terrorism” event happened in the heart of London mere days after Blair was replaced by Brown. One wonders if this is a CIA operation to send a message to Brown not to “go soft” on the Cheney view of total war. Or maybe it’s not the CIA, but disgruntled Blair black baggers who are freelancing as a final “screw you” as they go out the door.

Considering the known things that have been happening in the world since Bush seized power, it’s hard not to view everything through the prism of phantasmagoric Hollywood-style secret plots. The only thing we’ve been missing are aliens and/or time travelers.

Are you shaking or biting the invisible hand?

by puppethead on Fri Jun 29, 2007 at 08:37:32 AM PDT
And they don't call Kos the fever swamps for nothing you know !


The Duke 06-29-2007 07:35 PM

Lord Taylor: Blair Failed, No Such Thing As Terrorism, RoP
Let People set off bombs in your country , but don't dare confront them and call them by their true name , because they will label you a racist ...Sounds Crazy Right ?

Well heres proof that Insanity is the core value of being politically correct...

British official Lord John Taylor was on Fox News today calling for more “dialog with the Muslim community.” He doesn’t like the word “terrorists.” Prefers calling them “criminals.”

And he blames it on extremist preachers, “brainwashing” young Muslims into this criminal behavior that has nothing to do with Islam, really.

Except for the fact that 100% of these brainwashing incidents occur in mosques on a daily basis ..hmmmm !

Amazing. And this is a so called “conservative” British politician.:rolleyes:

The Duke 06-29-2007 07:44 PM

UK Police Have 'Crystal Clear' Image of Islamic Terrorist, Another Car Bomb Found
ABC News is reporting that UK police have a clear picture of the man who drove that explosive-laden Mercedes in London today. And he looks a lot like a Muslim who was previously arrested in connection with another UK terror plot—but released.

I guess we can all rule out the IRA or the Mafia now. (To name two absurd theories floated by UK authorities trying to avoid the I word.)

Like I Said at the beginning ....it wasn't the Presbyterians !


British police have a “crystal clear” picture of the man who drove the bomb-rigged silver Mercedes outside a London nightclub, and officials tell the Blotter on ABCNews.com he bears “a close resemblance” to a man arrested by police in connection with another bomb plot but released for lack of evidence.

Officials say the suspect had been taken into custody in connection with the case of al Qaeda operative Dhiren Barot, who was convicted of orchestrating a vehicle bomb plot involving targets in London, New York, Newark, N.J. and Washington, D.C.

Officials say a surveillance camera caught the suspect “staggering from the Mercedes” shortly after parking it outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub.

U.S. and British law enforcement officials tell ABC News it is increasingly clear Friday’s bomb plot in London involves multliple vehicles, and is described by a senior official as a “terror plot involving lslamic extremists.”

Sky News is reporting another car bomb has been found.

At a Scotland Yard press conference, it was announced that the second car bomb was packed with very similar materials as the first—a large amount of gasoline, a detonator, and a large quantity of nails.

The Duke 06-30-2007 05:29 AM

CAIR: British Muslim Detained in Los Angeles
The Overinflated , Unindicted Hamas funding co-conspirators CAIR have “breaking news” on their web site; a Muslim citizen of Britain has been detained after arriving on a flight from London yesterday, and is being returned to Britain.


(LOS ANGELES, CA, 6/29/07) - The Greater Los Angeles area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) has been informed that a Muslim citizen of the United Kingdom is being held following his arrival yesterday on a flight from London. CAIR-LA is investigating the reason for the man’s detention. The 57-year-old man is reportedly scheduled to be returned to Britain on a flight later today.
This guy didn't pass screening , the liberals will naturally say it's racial profiling, but I think the real reason they stopped him was "this guy was running from something BIG going down in London ! ":cool:

The Duke 06-30-2007 05:38 AM

MPACUK: Britain is to Blame for London Car Bombs
The UK’s Muslim Public Affairs Committee is getting out in front of today’s attempted mass murder attacks in London, and pushing their usual jihadi propaganda—it’s Britain’s foreign policy that’s to blame, and if they don’t change it to be more in line with the Islamic agenda, they can expect more: MPACUK - Foreign Office’s top official: Iraq war fuelling Muslim extremism.


The Foreign Office’s top official warned Downing Street that the Iraq war was fuelling Muslim extremism in Britain a year before the 7 July bombings, The Observer can reveal.

Despite repeated denials by Number 10 that the war made Britain a target for terrorists, a letter from Michael Jay, the Foreign Office permanent under-secretary, to the cabinet secretary, Sir Andrew Turnbull - obtained by this newspaper - makes the connection clear.

The letter, dated 18 May 2004, says British foreign policy was a ‘recurring theme’ in the Muslim community, ‘especially in the context of the Middle East peace process and Iraq’.
And in case one post at their site doesn’t get the message across, there’s a second, featuring a graphic picture of a bloody baby: MPACUK - UK’s wars ‘leave EU at risk of terrorism’.

Oh ... and now they are sayin they’ve been receiving “death threats,” too: MPACUK - MPACUK Recieves Death Threats.

It's about time that the Muslim Terror supporters got a little of their own death threat bullcrap thrown back at them ....What goes around , comes around and Islam is no differnet here !

zenbabe 06-30-2007 03:00 PM

car bomb my ass. It was a car with gasoline and nails. Convenient timing, don't you think? A Benz no less, even if it had gone off, at most the windows might have been blown out and it would have just been a fire.

auntie aubrey 06-30-2007 09:14 PM

somehow i get the feeling that if everyone abandoned this forum the duke would still be here, talking to himself.

Hyakujo's Fox 06-30-2007 10:47 PM

He is simply using zefrank as a free host for a de-facto personal blog. I suppose it's the only way he'd get any readers.

The Duke 07-01-2007 06:16 AM

My My

Originally Posted by zenbabe (Post 351400)
car bomb my ass. It was a car with gasoline and nails. Convenient timing, don't you think? A Benz no less, even if it had gone off, at most the windows might have been blown out and it would have just been a fire.

Oh so it was just a little bomb and wouldn't have killed anyone ?
Wow I'm glad to know that local zefrank experts are on top of this

But wait on there , We are at a loss for words aren't we ?

Your minimalization version is the same one being hollered out at places like Kos and other left wing fever dives .

If you , and them had bothered to delve deeper into the subject you would find that there were also liquid gas cannisters involved in both bombs , and of course they found a detonator that was wired to a cell phone .....since you seem to think that this was no problem ,, the next time you see one of these car bombs kindly hop in and drive it away to a location where that simple fire won't bother anyone , you'll be doing everyone a favor , I assure you ! :)

The Duke 07-01-2007 07:08 AM

Glasgow Airport Attack
While the loony Progressives at Daily Kos stick their fingers in their ears and shout 'La La La La - I Can't Hear You', They are completely ignoring the Glasgow attack—just like they did with the car bombs in London.

Well heres some video of the latest Glasgow attack just to refresh your memory that the ongoing terror threat is real , and to punctuate the fact that Islamonazis are now engaged in plotting attacks all over the western hemisphere , your city could be next .


The Duke 07-01-2007 07:11 AM

Blackpool Airport Closed ??
Sky News is now reporting that Blackpool Airport (in northwest England) has been closed...

Reports are coming in that Royal Alexandria Hospital, where the burned terrorist was taken, is being evacuated...

This is, a picture of one of the terrorists being arrested:

Officials now are saying that Blackpool Airport has not been closed...

Unconfirmed: the hospital was evacuated because the burned suspect was found to be wearing some kind of vest ... reports that the vest was blown up in a controlled explosion...

Sky News has reported that schools just got out yesterday, and many children were at the Glasgow Airport with their families...

Britain has now raised its security level to Critical” — indicating that terrorist attacks are imminent.”

The Duke 07-01-2007 07:12 AM

Intelligence Warnings About Glasgow Attack?
The Blotter says US officials had warnings of an attack in Glasgow:


U.S. law enforcement officials received intelligence reports two weeks ago warning of a possible terror attack in Glasgow against “airport infrastructure or aircraft,” a senior US law enforcement officials tells the Blotter on ABCNews.com.

The intelligence reports also warned that airports and aircraft in the Czech Republic could be the targets of al Qaeda-connected terrorists.

The warnings were kept secret for operational reasons, according to officials. In public, the White House and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff have continued to maintain they know of no specific or credible threats involving the United States, even though the intelligence reports specify US aircraft as possible targets.

The Duke 07-01-2007 07:19 AM

Muslim Council of Britain: It Could Be the Buddhists
The Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain wants all Muslims to cooperate with police to bring these mysterious criminals to justice, and urges us not to jump to conclusions and create hypothetical problems.

After all,according to the MCB , the UK and Scotland terror attacks could have been committed by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, or just about anyone.

(Warning: the link above leads to Wahhabi propaganda site IslamOnline, and it also has that blasted Drive Cleaner virus/advertisement. Beware of clicking.)


CAIRO — The Muslim umbrella group in Britain urged Saturday, June 30, all Britons, including Muslims, to fully cooperate with police in their massive manhunt for those behind a foiled double bomb attack in London.

“Those criminals must be brought to justice,” Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) Daud Abdullah told IslamOnline.net over the phone from London.

Abdullah said the best advice to community is to allow the process of law to take its due course. “Let’s avoid presumptions...Let’s wait and see; there is little we can say about that,” he added.

“Such incidents create tensions and suspicions,” he said when asked whether Muslim extremists might be behind the attacks. “Let’s not create a hypothetical problem...it can be the work of Muslims, Christians, Jews or Buddhists.”
I hope they’re keeping a close eye on those sneaky Dutch Mennonites too, everyone knows how they are into all kinds of subversive terror acts , and even group sex !

lmao :D

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