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zefrank 09-29-2002 05:01 PM

Brooklyn NY
Cobble Hill is a fairly well documented dining neighborhood, but until recently there hasn't been a single place to get a good sandwich. If you are in the hood around lunch time - get a sandwich from FratelliRavioli on Court Street (near Warren or Butler St.). Its a tiny little hole in the wall and at first glance doesn't appear to serve anything other than ready-to-cook ravioli and pizza...but if you go in there is a little pamphlet with 20 or so incredible sandwiches, all between 6 and 7 bucks...

Unregistered 09-29-2002 11:30 PM

good eats in brooklyn
there's a new tuscan place on 7th ave. (btwn 1st and 2nd) in park slope called porta toscana. excellent. brand new, too, so they are eager to please. try the pasta crepes with tomato sauce. mmm...

as for cobble hill, try... the... restaurant... crap, what's the name... on degraw btwn court and clinton... used to be copper... eh, whatever, it's great if you like seafood, and cheap-o.

more i love:
keur n deye in ft. green (senegalese)

the mexican market next door to vera cruz in the worst part of williamsburg (i definitely do not have a hard on for the hipster scene). if you go in the back the have a lunch counter where they make the most amazing sandwiches.

el manara on steinway at 28th ave. lebanese/armenian. scrumptious and spicy.

shaheen (also, oddly, my boyfriend's name) at 72-08 broadway. best kabob/naan in the country. anything off the grill is great, too. but caveat emptor: they have been closed twice by the board of health in the past year and are trying desperately to live it down.

that's all i feel like typing right now. i'm a bit of a chowhound, so i go all over looking for great out-of-the-way eats. i'll keep you posted if i run into something fantastic.

Jasper 10-07-2002 08:24 PM

Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon (280 5th Ave) -- The end of the end!

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