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zenbabe 10-18-2003 07:52 PM


Controversy Continues In Carroll County
Cheerleaders Claim Double Standard In Drinking Suspensions
POSTED: 12:07 p.m. EDT October 18, 2003
UPDATED: 1:40 p.m. EDT October 18, 2003

CANAL FULTON, Ohio -- Football took a backseat to controversy this week at Carroll County's Northwest High School.

Cody Butzer, 18, spent this past week embroiled in a debate over a traffic stop in which he, along with two 17-year-old cheerleaders, were stopped on suspicion of drinking.

Football Player Accused Of Beating Up Pizza Man

The cheerleaders admitted to drinking and were subsequently kicked off their cheerleading and soccer squads. Butzer claimed he hadn't had a drink in over six hours, and thereby avoided suspension.

The cheerleading squad protested the action, claiming it was a blatant double standard, which led to the indefinite suspension of cheerleading coach Amy Schill for supporting the protest.

Schill has contacted an attorney and she, along with her cheerleading squad, plans to pack a school board meeting later this month to raise their voices and concerns over the drinking incident.

Butzer, meanwhile, garnered a suspension Wednesday for an unrelated incident in which he is charged with assault for allegedly punching a pizza deliveryman in the face.

Butzer claims self-defense and is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on Oct. 26.


rapscalious rob 10-19-2003 08:23 PM

Why do people keep hurting the pizza guy? We bring you food, and you strap bombs to our necks or punch us in the face.

Thatís not nice.

zenbabe 10-20-2003 01:41 AM

It's a dangerous job but somebody has to do it....

priceyfatprude 10-20-2003 02:05 AM

I don't tip the pizza man, I just let my bathrobe 'accidentally' come undone...

rapscalious rob 10-20-2003 03:58 AM


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