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xfox 09-06-2005 02:33 AM

my Mom. She is so elegant and a very good sport!

Hermione 09-06-2005 03:57 AM

I'm grateful that I have a loving family.

A warm bed.

Food to eat.

lapietra 09-07-2005 05:13 PM

- people who are pretty consistently smart, sane, and good

- cheap but excellent coffee

- acing the "power user" tests :D

- crunchy kettle chips with my lunch! yum yum yum

Coffee 09-08-2005 07:20 PM

I am grateful that Frieda thought about me while in Paris and sent me a wonderful "Little car on a big card" post card from there.


Frieda, your PM box is full, or I'd have gratefully thanked you privately with more personal thanks.

lapietra 09-23-2005 06:12 PM

- a roommate who works at Starbucks and brings home cookies & bagels & coffee
- actually, all my unbelievably cool, mellow roommates
- boyfriend and kitty ETA: January 1st
- unpleasant responsibilities that one can pad with pleasurable bookend activities
- rapidly shrinking butt

Clytie 09-29-2005 06:26 PM

my fantastic hide a way apartment
gettin to go home to surprise my sister on her birthday :)
this site

karma_queen 09-29-2005 07:56 PM

pencil skirts
80s jumpers

12"razormix 10-06-2005 09:25 AM

i woke up this morning

bealeblues 10-06-2005 05:34 PM

that i have an office door and can close it

funkytuba 10-06-2005 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by bealeblues
that i have an office door and can close it


maybe I'll just move my laptop to the server room

trisherina 10-13-2005 01:56 PM

  • someone I love was able to throw away his glasses
  • things work out
  • I'm Canadian
  • understanding and unexpected kindness
  • a warm dog with a warmer expression

jasmina 10-18-2005 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by karma_queen

If you're ever in London, let me know - I skate regularly in Hyde Park!

jasmina 10-18-2005 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by trisherina
  • a warm dog with a warmer expression

My warm dog.... unfortunately I had to leave her behind when I left Italy 3 years ago... I dreamt about her for 2 years. However, I left her with my ex's father (I'm also still good friends with my ex) - he lives in a pine forest, she's in her element, and I still go back to see her at least 3 times a year. Although I'll never forget her face when she knew I was leaving. She used to sleep in my bed every night. Warm dog with a warmer expression, definitely. Dogs are the best.

karma_queen 10-19-2005 07:08 AM


Originally Posted by jasmina
If you're ever in London, let me know - I skate regularly in Hyde Park!

tehe i have rollerskates, but can't skate! they're really really really beautiful ones too - real old skool, red suede with silver flames on the sides :) i tried learning, but got so many injuries i was forced to keep them just for show :( one day i'll have another go

lapietra 10-19-2005 01:14 PM

- discovering that, on a day I'm *really* exhausted and take the risk of dressing casually for work, that it's just me and the admins :D

- random groups of guys who try yell down the bus for you and all yell "AWWWW!" like it's a missed touchdown when the stupid bus driver slows down as if they're going to stop & then speeds away :rolleyes:

- finally knowing the bus system well enough to meet a deadline across town in a very small amount of time (comparitively)

- Odwalla Mango Tango :D *schlurp*

- ibuprofen

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