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DiggerDude 05-19-2007 03:18 PM

This song gave me a happy.
It's even better if you played the awesome N64 cult classic that is Buck-Bumble.

lukkucairi 05-19-2007 05:13 PM

(By Tom Weller, from Cvltvre Made Stvpid)

Meanehwæl, baccat meaddehæle,.....monstær lurccen;
Fulle few too many drincce,.....hie luccen for fyht.
Ðen Hreorfneorhtðhwr,.....son of Hrwærowþheororthwl,
Æsccen æwful jeork.....to steop outsyd.
Þhud! Bashe! Crasch! Beoom!.....Ðe bigge gye
Eallum his bon brak,.....byt his nose offe;
Wicced Godsylla.....wæld on his asse.
Monstær moppe fleor wyþ.....eallum men in hælle.
Beowulf in bacceroome.....fonecall bamaccen wæs;
Hearen sond of ruccus.....sæd, "Hwæt ðe helle?"
Graben sheold strang.....ond swich-blæd scharp
Stond feorth to fyht.....ðe grimlic foe.
"Me," Godsylla sæd,....."mac ðe minsemete."
Heoro cwyc geten heold.....wiþ fæmed half-nelson
Ond flyng him lic frisbe.....bac to fen
Beowulf belly up.....to meaddehæle bar,
Sæd, "Ne foe beaten.....mie færsom cung-fu."
Eorderen cocca-cohla......yce-coeld, ðe reol þyng.

...ooh, this makes me happy :D

brightpearl 05-19-2007 07:09 PM

Adopting old threads is a good way to alleviate boredom.

lukkucairi 05-19-2007 10:30 PM

grew it from seed, and it graced me with a single flower at 1 year old and 6" tall :)

Tunesmith 05-19-2007 11:50 PM

I was sitting on the patio this morning, just contemplating, and a bunch of these beautiful things started to fall around me.

Ah, nature's perfect little helicopters.

It made me want to write poetry.

Frieda 05-20-2007 06:13 AM

surbhi is back :)

brightpearl 05-20-2007 03:35 PM

Overhearing my son whispering sweetly to his Spiderman action figure.

brightpearl 05-21-2007 02:23 PM

How is it that dysphonia can lead to euphoria?

craig johnston 05-21-2007 04:12 PM

that gave me an extra big happy.


the ramones really changed my life. my first band's set consisted of their first album almost in its entirety. those songs were so easy to play! and if they could be in a band, anyone could. one of the very few punk bands i can still listen to today. i wish they'd split up after 'rocket to russia' though, they might still be alive.


karma_queen 05-21-2007 05:57 PM

(and judy is a punk, obviously :))

craig johnston 05-21-2007 06:01 PM

third verse, different from the first!


brightpearl 05-22-2007 10:18 AM

It makes me happy that the Ramones ring a bell with so many of you.

Awed_Job 05-22-2007 12:02 PM

Veruki 05-22-2007 10:26 PM

It's raining it's pouring,
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed,
And bumped his head,
And couldn't get up in the morning.

I love when it rains...

Odbe 05-23-2007 07:18 AM

It hasn't been proven, but my theory is that this is better for your health than an apple a day.

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