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weissenflatz 05-27-2004 06:56 AM

What was Medusa nickname?

I'd love to go deep inside

trisherina 05-27-2004 01:25 PM

Are you ready for the next autopsy?

I think that's the way it's always been done.

lapietra 05-27-2004 02:44 PM

Have you ever done it this way before?

Burning with... curiosity. ;)

straymonk 05-28-2004 02:46 AM

Are you hot, or is it just me?


funkytuba 05-28-2004 04:18 AM

What's one of the umpteen gazillion words that can "cleverly" :rolleyes: be responded to with "Gueseundheidt!"?

It just sort of conked out, and I was left there holding the controls and saying "crap".

weissenflatz 05-28-2004 09:39 AM

What happened when you took control over the Titanic?

Let me go!

Hyakujo's Fox 05-30-2004 11:33 AM

What did you say when they called for a volunteer to go undercover investigating the porno industry?

From midnight til dawn.

trisherina 05-30-2004 01:12 PM

When do you sleep most nights?

We fall off whenever it stops whirling.

Hyakujo's Fox 05-30-2004 10:33 PM

What's the biggest danger of living on Earth?

It's nothing like the other one.

weissenflatz 05-31-2004 07:51 AM

What does this wastebin remind you of?

Very oldskool!

daverbee 06-01-2004 10:45 AM

How was spelling klass?


Aphrodite 06-01-2004 10:54 AM

What was the name of the Afghan dog the neighbours had when I was young?

Bubble Wrap for sure.

masterofNone 06-01-2004 11:00 AM

what will i need before i start packing to move?

a half pack of marlboro lights.

Hyakujo's Fox 06-01-2004 11:10 AM

What did you use to make this pot pourri?

A monster under the bed.

ch_burchill 06-01-2004 11:19 AM

What makes vacuuming the bedroom utterly difficult?

As rat-arsed as can be.

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