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funkytuba 11-08-2003 04:36 AM

What's the next answer that will be passed off as both a question and an answer?

They're being cheeky, I'm afraid.

Coffee 11-08-2003 03:36 PM

Whats up with all the peeps not following the thread pattern?


lapietra 11-08-2003 03:39 PM

What's up with that stuff they try to make you drink instead of a glass of wine at a restaurant? You know...

Breakfast food. :)

Coffee 11-08-2003 03:43 PM

What do some folks call... Twinkies, HO HO's, Beer, and Cheetos.


funkytuba 11-08-2003 09:03 PM

What are the bane of The Internet Oracle's existence?

Because we're sick, silly.

agentsmith 11-10-2003 04:32 PM

why dont you and your friends ever bathe?


maychorian 11-10-2003 05:16 PM

What is either the subject of a Lewis Carroll poem or the sound one makes when "hocking up a loogie?"

(I feel like I'm playing Jeopardy whenever I post in this thread.)


Klynne 11-10-2003 06:21 PM

When did I drop out of school and movie to California?


Perky Pat 11-10-2003 06:24 PM

Why did you drop out of school and movie to California?

An ant.

funkytuba 11-10-2003 06:43 PM

What has no business being in a freezer?

Carpal tunnel syndrome.

agentsmith 11-10-2003 08:05 PM

What is the noise you most frequently make?


Perky Pat 11-10-2003 08:17 PM

What's the national currency in the country where Flemish folk live?

Twice. (so far)

agentsmith 11-10-2003 08:51 PM

How many times have you urinated in a cup and then drank it?

care bear spleens

lapietra 11-10-2003 09:02 PM

What's agent's newest necklace made of?

oven cleaner

Arif-ul Haq 11-11-2003 04:18 AM


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