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madasacutsnake 11-23-2004 08:31 AM


Originally posted by sparticle
I married Hubby The Walking Saint and now I have nobody to blame for the stupid, selfish, shitey, self-destructive things I do. THAT was an eye opener.

It is sometimes very difficult being married to a Nice Guy, particularly when casting about for a scapegoat for your latest piece of foolishness. You fail to finish a lot of your sentences:

"If it wasn't for....um....no, no, this isn't your fault...."

"Well, look at you and all YOUR...um...oh...yeah...you never DID do that...."

"Well, YOU always....um...well, okay, not that often..."

Well, YOU never ONCE ...um...well, I guess you did, and just last week, too..."


Sometimes you just want to whack him, but it would be like smacking Jesus or something, and so you just keep your shitty temper to yourself. Most of the time.

But every so often....you cut loose and holler, "OH why don't you just GO POSE FOR HOLY PICTURES and LEAVE ME the HELL alone, Mister Perfect!?!?!?!"


Sometimes I think she is me and he is Mr Snake in a weird alternate virtual universe kind of way.

Sparty - I still have that cabin on the side of a mountain.....

SpecialK 11-23-2004 10:06 AM

I agree with Klynne. I get so frustrated with my dating situation, i.e. when i wrote this post, and then, later, realize that I choose the wrong guys. But it's so hard when you meet someone to find out if they are a good guy or a full of crap guy.

Chi Chi is doin great PFP! Thanx for asking. :D

funkytuba 11-23-2004 01:06 PM


Originally posted by SpecialK
Chi Chi is doin great PFP! Thanx for asking. :D
I'll bet he's really clean...

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