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efg 10-05-2003 05:11 PM

my recommendations
hey all :) i am new here, and since music is my thing (i'm a music major in college, plus i like lots of rock/pop type stuff), i figured i'd make some recommendations. feel free to comment/agree/disagree/etc.

some favorite artists of mine:

~Michelle Branch
most people might know her through the singles (Everywhere, All You Wanted, Goodbye to You) from her first album, The Spirit Room, as well as her collaboration with Santana in The Game of Love. she recently put out an album called Hotel Paper. she decided to call it that since she wrote most of the songs on hotel stationary while being on tour all over the world. i like this new album a lot better because all of the songs were written about actual life experiences, as opposed to fictional scenarios that teens sometimes dream up in their minds. the style is a little bit less "pop" sounding that her first record. think somewhere along the lines of the Goo Goo Dolls.

~Lisa Loeb
most people know her from her breakout song "Stay" back in 1993 (the one that goes "you say.. i only hear what i want to..."). she also had 2 other singles awhile ago... Do You Sleep?, and I Do. though she hasn't gotten much airplay recently, Lisa Loeb is a really great songwriter, and her songs aren't overproduced at all. her writing on her latest album Hello Lisa is pretty accessible in terms of lyrics. i actually met Lisa earlier this year, and she is a really cool person.. very down to earth. check her out :)

~Jason Mraz
a friend recommended Mraz to me before The Remedy came out on the radio. i picked the cd up on a whim, and the more i listened through it, the more i liked it. for anyone who has heard The Remedy on the radio, i'd just like to say that his cd (Waiting for My Rocket to Come) is a lot more diverse, stylistically, than that one song. there are some slower, more mellow songs on the cd. he is a great singer as well :)

~Jack Johnson
some people may know his name since he has had some radio play in the past year or so. he put out a new album this past summer called On & On, which is really great, in my opinion. its not the usual pop/rock type stuff you hear every day. this cd is much more mellow. on lots of songs he has a bluesy-type groove going. the production is very basic.. Jack singing/playing guitar, then bass & drums. he doesn't write about the usual stuff either... he's kinda philosophical, but not in a way that'll leave you sitting there scratching your head, wondering what he's talking about. good music to chill out to after a long day :)

those are just a few for now... i have to go get ready to go to dinner in a bit. if anyone likes what i've written so far, let me know, and i will write more :)

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