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Marcus Bales 02-13-2008 12:50 AM

blib - a short statement by a TDG judge, usually promising an early judging, but sometimes admiring the current entries.

Funkytuba always posts a blib or two, but we've learned that they don't mean anything.

funkytuba 02-13-2008 03:21 PM

mua ha ha hahaaa

Bman 02-14-2008 12:25 AM

Blib - a fragment of a sentence that, when overheard, can not be logically traced to any other part of the conversation without assuming improbable circumstances

"...that pinata kept me out of med school..."

funkytuba 02-14-2008 04:30 PM

The Platinum Microphone Of Change... Changey Changing Changery Change, No Really, I'm For Change is awarded to Jack Flanders for her entry noting the season:

blib: n. the reiterating oration of long-term politicians.

As a gift to the judge, the following need not be considered as a real
entry, but beware - a thank you note for that is de rigeur blib - a
miniature blob. See also blobbette.


An award I've given before, the How Did You Activate The Webcam In My House Golden Lapel Pin And Wireless Surveillance Device goes to each of the following for channelling my home life successfully in so many ways, in order:

blib v to drink (usually, but not necessarily, an alcoholic beverage)
in small sips while radiating both happiness and melancholy through
body language He sat in a quiet corner of the pub, watching the
moving scenery, blibbing away the evening.

blib - a miniature bib worn over the chin It looks like you've got a
little schmutz in your beard there, Cornelius, maybe you should
consider wearing a blib.

blib - Little gas expulsions that escape the body in a putt putt
fashion (usually while running). Everyone thought winner Daniel was
crying with joy as they crossed the finish line first. Little did they
know the tears were caused from the constant blibs his horse
innocently blew into his face during the race.

blib: v. To pretend sympathy to a reported illness. "You can't use
your arms for at least a month? That's horrible, Achma," Lauren
blibbed, pawing through a mental Rolodex for anyone who might serve as
a fill-in nanny to the twins.

blib - a lie told to deliberately incriminate oneself for something
one didn't actually do in order to experience the consequences of that
action Being bored and in need of emotional stimulation, Gabe blibbed
to his wife that he had forgotten to pay the rent on time, knowing she
would be upset and hoping to work it into an argument.

Marcus Bales receives The Gun Nut's NUTS! for submitting:

blib - a partial hole in the edge of a paper target, where the shooter
has just barely managed to hit the paper on which the target is
printed, but not even the target itself. It's easier to teach women
than men to shoot, because men have so many pre-conceived ideas about
how they are supposed to hold the gun, or look holding it. Typically,
a woman simply understands the instructions and starts hitting the
target almost immediately, while most beginning men often can do no
better than to blib the edge of the paper holding the target until it
it looks perforated.

Marcus Bales also receives The Whingeing What? You Initiated This Thread So You Think You Get To Have A Say In How It's Conducted Pokey Prod of Pumice for his most recent attack on my character:

blib - a short statement by a TDG judge, usually promising an early
judging, but sometimes admiring the current entries. Funkytuba always
posts a blib or two, but we've learned that they don't mean anything.

Honorable and Coveted And Just In Under The Wire Second Place Award is taken by Bman for the laugh I got from:

Blib - a fragment of a sentence that, when overheard, can not be logically traced to any other part of the conversation without assuming improbable circumstances
"...that pinata kept me out of med school..."

But it's treekisser whose brilliant entry garners the Super Small Scintillating Silver Sceptre Of Silliness and the Acutal Winner And Obligation Of Judging The Next Round for:

blib, n. an alien creature of submicroscopic size and superior
intelligence known to inhabit dustballs and believed to be the cause
of dropped wireless calls, computer viruses, ring-around-the-collar,
erectile dysfunction, and lost socks.

Take it away, TREEKISSER

oh yeah, reality...
blib is a collaborative debugging tool that you can use to hold transient bits of code or log output to show people on The Internets who are helping you with your problem

ETA: Luku's entry eluded my notice originally for its being so painfully self-referential... I regret to inform you luku that it would not have made a difference in the eventual outcome had I included it in the judging, but please do keep submitting entries... I like your style.
blib (v.) - to make a mournful noise when one realizes that one wasn't quite fast enough to snatch the dictionary game laurels from a snoozing funkytuba "lukku blibbed in her drink, inconsolate."

Marcus Bales 02-14-2008 08:14 PM

Alas, Treekisser cannot be contacted by PM, nor, indeed, can his/her profile be accessed. If we don't hear from Treekisser soon, I hope Bman stands ready.

treekisser 02-14-2008 11:24 PM

Omigosh! Thank you for bestowing this impressive honor on me for my humble submission. Actually, I had a lot of help from the blibs in my life.

As for the next round, I will pass to Bman because I am a bit busy at the moment. So, Bman, sock it to us!

Bman 02-16-2008 11:28 AM

Sorry for the delay! It's quite an honor though o_o

The new word is: Bleathe

Marcus Bales 02-16-2008 12:04 PM

bleathe - a term of art within the The Dictionary Game community, meaning to pass on being judge merely because of some trivial reason such as that one claims to be busy in real life. The risk of posting an entry in TDG is that one might win and be compelled to make time to be judge, because since the judging is determinedly whimsical and capricious at best, any entry may win at any time. Forever after their bleathing known as "bleathers", their subsequent entries are frequently picked as winners by future judges just to piss off Marcus Bales, who is obliged to awaken, snorting, from his warm place by the fire with the cats sleeping on his enormous tummy, and grumpily move the game on by transferring the judgeship to the winner of the coveted 2nd place award, and then post an entry defining the next word as an excoriation of the bleathing judge.

Treekisser bleathed and woke Marcus up, and everyone ran for the exits.

xfox 02-16-2008 09:04 PM

bleathe a sound made by all animals except monkeys.

Tony heard a blib and a bleathe, and just kept on going.

Coffee 02-17-2008 04:23 PM

bleathe v -ther, -thing

A conviction that is supported or disbelieved based upon evidence as substantial as air.

The science of aeronautics lagged behind other physical sciences until a bleathing chap finally proved that air did indeed have substance.

trisherina 02-18-2008 02:14 AM

bleathe: A halal laundry treatment that will get your whites whiter.

Stephi_B 02-18-2008 11:28 AM

bleathe v
  1. word occurring in the playground rhyme
    Peach beach - bleathe teeth!
    in usage in a newer variant of the Poor Pvssy game,
    but also otherwise to make somebody laugh

  2. neologism derived from 1.: to show, uncover; free
    Wow, that skirt looks great on you! You really should bleathe your legs more often.
    Bleathe yourself from debts - now!

Marcus Bales 02-20-2008 11:54 AM

bleathe - Hans Christian Bleathe (1855-1922) Swedish pornographer best known for first exploiting the pairing of thin Nordic women with chubby Mediterranean men, which became the most lucrative niche in his field until his son, Franz Andersen Bleathe (1875 - 1962), surpassed his fathers achievement by pairing thin Nordic women with African men. The grandson, Jan Rudyard Bleathe (1903 - 2000), could do no better than the refinement of putting headbands on the women, while using well-muscled African men.

Brynn 02-20-2008 07:13 PM

bleathe - what baby goathes do when the mommy goathes leafthes them.

ETA:Just kidding. I did not bring the proper gravity to the task at hand. Just a warm-up. Disregard. Repeat, disregard.

hypnoplasm 02-21-2008 05:34 AM

bleathe - a short, nonsensical utterance meant to express frustration, cognitive dissonance or lack of ability to express a verbal reaction.

Tim's bleathe of choice was blah, whereas Megan usually bleathed meh.

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