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brightpearl 05-17-2007 06:21 PM

These are nice.

And, um, I think he needs one of these:

In addition to my fancy pants fascination, I have a thing for crazy socks.
These are my favorite ones, but I don't think these trousers do them justice.

Any suggestions?

Frieda 05-17-2007 06:55 PM

^ fvcking cutest thing i've ever seen-- i want a pair of those piggies! :eek:

zero 05-17-2007 06:57 PM

excuse me sorry to interrupt but does anyone have the correct time please?

Frieda 05-17-2007 06:58 PM

why, yes! 11 hours, 3 quarters of an hour and 13 minutes :)

zero 05-17-2007 07:06 PM

:) such a lovely time.

and so beautifull told by frieda using the very latest in time-telling technology

auntie aubrey 05-17-2007 07:08 PM

a moment please, while i heft my watch into view...

brightpearl 05-18-2007 02:03 PM

^^ You need some ginormous, unambiguously testicular earrings to go with that macho watch.

I made myself a new necklace.

That's not me wearing it, btw. It's my friend Manniquetta.
But I need an outfit that would do it justice. Nothing too fancy -- that might detract from its natural je ne sais quois.

lukkucairi 05-18-2007 07:16 PM

here ya go...

but you're gonna need some new shoes now. the others don't match, and we can't have that.

brightpearl 05-18-2007 07:25 PM

Oooh, ooh, these!!

Originally Posted by brightpearl (Post 344631)
These girls aren't what they seem...

(As a personal aside, never have I coveted a pair of shoes so much in my life.)

lukkucairi 05-18-2007 07:36 PM

I was thinking of something more along the lines of these:

T.I.P. 05-18-2007 07:41 PM

^ the shoes of a true "femme fatale"

brightpearl 05-18-2007 07:49 PM

Okay, the punning is just getting way out of hand around here.

I found this awesome bargello pillow

But I can't think of what kind of couch would do it justice.

auntie aubrey 05-18-2007 10:32 PM

here, try it with this sofa:

i hope everyone likes my new outfit. i can't help thinking it's missing something, though. any suggestions?

lukkucairi 05-18-2007 11:38 PM

you're missing me, as your date for the black-and-white ball. here's my new outfit:

Anna 05-19-2007 02:49 AM


Originally Posted by lukkucairi (Post 344716)

I'd wear those.

brightpearl 05-19-2007 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by lukkucairi (Post 344762)
you're missing me, as your date for the black-and-white ball. [/IMG]

May I go, too? I just need the perfect wrap to cover my chilly midriff.

brightpearl 05-22-2007 10:54 AM

Nevermind; TIP is going to loan me his pimp coat.

*photos provided by brightpearl may or may not be accurate representations of forum members

brightpearl 08-19-2007 04:06 PM

I need something to go with my bubblewrap pants.

....although, they seem to stand on their own pretty well.

Earthling 08-19-2007 04:39 PM

smile optional:)

auntie aubrey 08-19-2007 07:18 PM

perhaps something can be done in the hair department. or possibly the beard area.

mayhaps someone can suggest a handbag or shoes to go with my fabuloso new hat.

brightpearl 08-19-2007 10:26 PM

^I found a corn purse,

but I don't think you should take it. It's a horrible pun.

I feel these shoes are just the ticket, however.

I'm making a caftan using this pattern

and this fabric with sweet little owls on it.

But what should my date wear? It's a fancy dress party...

brightpearl 03-23-2008 02:56 PM

Nevermind, I just knocked back a lemonade and went stag! The caftan turned out great!

This is my latest creation, but I need just the right jewelry. I wouldn't want to blend into the background. Any suggestions?

brightpearl 05-25-2008 08:03 PM

It's sure to make all the men drool, but this dress begs for the proper wrap...

brightpearl 05-18-2009 09:52 PM

Holy hell. I killed this thread for a whole year.

But I finally found the right earrings for that dress.

Somebody ask us for just the right shoes for pickle-print overalls or something, c'mon.

Brynn 05-21-2009 06:24 PM

This is my best friend Salty.
He's completely naked.
What to do?

brightpearl 05-21-2009 06:37 PM


Um, well...
I'd start with a very large pair of these.

Brynn 05-21-2009 10:11 PM

Thank you, he's so grateful.

12"razormix 05-25-2009 02:40 PM

important matters
grey t-shirt, dark blue jeans ( ..jeh, the sparkely ones )

black shoes or brown shoes?? :confused:

please to hep me.

12"razormix 05-25-2009 02:42 PM

you guys are boring!!! :mad: :mad:

zero 05-25-2009 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by 12"razormix (Post 411416)
grey t-shirt, dark blue jeans ( ..jeh, the sparkely ones )

black shoes or brown shoes?? :confused:

please to hep me.

hello goodevening and how may i hep. bearing in mind i am thumbtyping and euphoric in the aftermath of young alex's performance not 25mins ago. how may i hep? my eardrums numb.

12"razormix 05-26-2009 04:27 PM

well it's too late now, isn't it????! :angryface::angryface:

zero 05-26-2009 04:54 PM

don't try to make out that you're no longer in need of hep

12"razormix 05-26-2009 05:21 PM

can you he... never mind

zero 05-27-2009 01:41 PM

..zip you up at the back? sure, turn round...

zero 05-27-2009 01:42 PM


12"razormix 05-27-2009 03:17 PM

i WAS in need of hep :mad: but noooo, you had to go OOOOOT :mad: :mad:

now i'se wearin the wrong shoes and my day 'sall a mess 'n stuff! :angryface::angryface:

zero 05-27-2009 03:27 PM

i can cure you, zormix!

12"razormix 05-27-2009 03:30 PM

yeh i know!but how about mine shoes??

zero 05-27-2009 03:39 PM

with them on

12"razormix 05-27-2009 03:42 PM

( that was out loud )

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