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Deviate 12-04-2002 02:05 PM

Whatcha Listening To?
Whatcha listening to RIGHT NOW?

hopefully this is something people can post over and over to, depending on what day people are listening to what. it's just a good way to learn a bit about the music we all dig.


right now i'm listening to "Chictastic" a mix of female artists: Tracy Chapman, Michelle Shocked, Sarah McLaughlin, k.d. lang, Natalie Merchant, Ani DiFranco, Macy Gray, Sheila Nichols.

hopefully this sensual mood music will get me through the day, although it won't help me from falling asleep...


Zyle 12-04-2002 02:44 PM

right this second, Feeder - Child in You
up until about 2 minutes ago, Schubert's String Quintet

Deviate 12-04-2002 06:22 PM

Reel Big Fish, "Video Killed the Radio Star"

we can't rewind we've gone too far


Frieda 12-04-2002 06:32 PM

Supperclub presents: Lounge 3

always good!

Zyle 12-04-2002 08:45 PM

My boyfriend just sent me the most ridiculous song I heard in my life, Apre Skihut - Als je nou niet springt
probably not that funny if you don't know any Dutch...

actually, yeah it still is *G*

I hope nobody comes in the room while this is playing!

NekoPunk 12-05-2002 12:58 AM

billie holiday- "stars fell on alabama"

Frieda 12-05-2002 05:00 AM

to Zyle:

als je nu niet springt ben je een homofiel?? lol!

are you dutch Zyle? or is your boyfriend?

RuneT 12-05-2002 08:54 AM

One doesn't need much imagination to understand what you just asked zyle.

Naughty Girl!


Frieda 12-05-2002 09:38 AM

guess i should translate..

"if you don't start jumping now you're gay"

RuneT 12-05-2002 09:52 AM

Ahh, lol

I thought, .... nevermind *blush*

Zyle 12-05-2002 09:54 AM


Frieda: My lubbly bf is a Dutchie, I just wish I was Dutch cos then I'd be able to be with him... at least be in the same country for more than a couple of weeks at a time.... Bah. I'm trying to learn Dutch :) my grammar sucks and I don't know enough words yet but I can get my point across apparantly. I do understand a lot, I'm just not so good at replying. Oh and it seems I have a "cute English accent" :rolleyes:

(Oh and so as not to veer too off topic I'm listening to Chilli Peppers - Scar Tissue atm)

Deviate 12-05-2002 02:52 PM

"Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying" - Belle & Sebastian


cosmo949 12-06-2002 01:36 AM

Pontiac - Lyle Lovett

dinzdale 12-11-2002 07:18 PM

Kicked in the Teeth Again - AC/DC

Frieda 12-12-2002 05:07 AM

frank sinatra's greatest hits

Deviate 12-12-2002 11:22 AM

Straight by Vercua Salt on my Chicktastic Deux cd.


dickieC 12-12-2002 03:10 PM

Waterfall by The Stone Roses. Don't make 'em like that anymore.

nycwriters 12-13-2002 08:44 PM

DMB ... When the world ends, the space between ....

zenbabe 12-13-2002 08:45 PM

the drone, oh gawd, make it stop, make it stop! I forgot to bring in CD's again....

cosmo949 12-13-2002 08:59 PM

Paul Thorn

Ain't Love Strange

amanda 12-17-2002 11:15 AM

Billy Idol

Rebel Yell (live)

RuneT 12-17-2002 11:16 AM

Oh my god, I haven't heard that one in a looong time. Billy Idol is so cool!

dickieC 12-18-2002 12:04 PM

Soundtrack to Amelie

I was always sceptical about accordion music. Not this one. Really cheers you up when you're hungover

Deviate 12-18-2002 06:06 PM

Happiness is a Warm Gun - Beatles


Frieda 12-19-2002 06:39 AM

Original Pirate Material by The Streets

Deviate 12-19-2002 04:39 PM

she's mighty-mighty, just lettin it all hang out

Brickhouse, Commodores

damn, what a good song -

36-24-36, what a winning hand...


surflugen 12-19-2002 07:55 PM

KNAC.com "the loadest dot com on the planet"


amanda 12-21-2002 12:27 PM


Beyond the Sea

jbisdaman 12-22-2002 02:07 AM

two must haves for any mp3 collection:

Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine
Theme from Disney's Chip and Dale - Rescue Rangers.


agentsmith 12-23-2002 08:29 PM

hmm...right now, the matrix sountrack is the cd of choice...
rob zombie is the track of choice,
and my ass is the ass of choice....;)

Frieda 12-24-2002 04:42 AM

Tom Jones: Mr Jones


salaud 12-24-2002 04:55 AM

How come I can't eat crayons?

Frieda 12-24-2002 05:17 AM

you can eat crayons.. you'll just shit in different colors. why do you call yourself an asshole?

agentsmith 12-24-2002 02:12 PM

because i am an asshole...
i'm an asshole living in an ass going out with an asshole who is an ass...and my dog smells like anus. she does. she licks her ass all the time. so her breath is anus-scented.

and if you want to shit different colors...eat rainbow sorbet rather then crayons...it works better. i know from past experiance!

salaud 12-24-2002 03:50 PM

My cat's breath smells like cat food!

agentsmith 12-24-2002 08:59 PM

well, unless my dog eats anus scented food, i dont think that the same applies to me, salaud...although you never know. i like wool mittens with moth-holes in them...and with spiders crawling out of them!:D

pantjamme 12-25-2002 03:27 AM

PHISH! <>< O.A.R., jimmie's chicken shack, ani difranco, howie day, emiliana torrini, incubus

agentsmith 12-25-2002 07:50 PM

i have to say it, i'm really feeling the ani defanco love in this thread...

bealeblues 12-26-2002 09:52 AM

the doors.... morrison hotel

(keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel....), etc

Frieda 12-27-2002 05:06 AM

robbie williams: escapology

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