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brightpearl 12-28-2007 02:19 PM

Will there be pie?


Frieda 12-28-2007 08:51 PM


anybody here?

lukkucairi 12-28-2007 10:24 PM

it's echoey isn't it..it..it...

Brynn 12-29-2007 03:38 AM


Left coasters need some COASTERS to coast with here...ere...ere....

10:34 Full martini glass. Empty bra. Sigh. Where are all my west coast palsy-walsy brahoppers?

Brynn 12-29-2007 03:41 AM

One good thing about an empty bar, though...time enough to try my karaoke skills in private.

Brynn 12-29-2007 03:44 AM

Big black horse inna cherry tree ooowhoo!

trisherina 12-29-2007 03:46 AM

I guess I'll just sit here by myself with this jar of almond-stuffed olives... why, hello!

Brynn 12-29-2007 03:46 AM

Got a freight train runnin' thru the middla ma bed...
oooo ooo ooo Ah'm on fire

Brynn 12-29-2007 03:47 AM

Oh my! Excuse me, I thought...!
ahem...hi trish, so nice nice to see you again!
:o almonds, huh?

trisherina 12-29-2007 03:49 AM

It's all right. I get mistaken for Bruce Springsteen a lot.

Brynn 12-29-2007 03:50 AM

The young Bruce, I'm sure.:)

trisherina 12-29-2007 03:54 AM

Sure, sure, in the Julianne days, not the Patti Bruce. Olive?

Brynn 12-29-2007 03:54 AM

I'm savin' all ma love for yoooooooo....I mean for bruuuuuce....ta da!

Thank you. Olive olives. get it? "I love" - "olive" - ?
Actually, I'm thinking pre-teen Bruce. Here, I've got a picture somewhere.

Brynn 12-29-2007 04:01 AM

OMG do you see what I see? The Boss just walked in. He's doing karaoke. It's a post-Christmas Miracle. Nobody's going to believe us.

Hey Bruuuuuuce! Julianne was a WHORE!

trisherina 12-29-2007 04:03 AM

Patti is a SAINT, I tell you! A SAINT!

Pardon me. Better out than in, I always say.

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