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Deviate 01-27-2004 03:55 PM

The Gift Giving Thread
this was fun before, thought you all might enjoy it.

give a gift to the person who posted before you. and since i'm starting the thead i've decided i'll give a gift to Beale, since i've found something fitting:

masterofNone 01-27-2004 04:01 PM

snickerdoodles for deev. better luck driving today.

imdrsmooth 01-27-2004 04:02 PM

I give MoN Tapatio since I already have the link to the picture.

ambo 01-27-2004 04:11 PM

priceyfatprude 01-27-2004 04:14 PM

Perky Pat 01-27-2004 04:23 PM


Coffee 01-27-2004 05:34 PM

bealeblues 01-27-2004 05:41 PM

for deev

Coffee 01-27-2004 05:46 PM

Hey...i got gyped out of a gift .. :(

It is give a gift to the previous poster Beales...get with the program dude.

jaymirror 01-27-2004 05:52 PM

*ahem* for you my dear

Frieda 01-27-2004 06:07 PM

Perky Pat 01-27-2004 06:11 PM

malina 01-27-2004 06:26 PM

bealeblues 01-27-2004 06:27 PM

alright alright alright. i gave that to deev b/c deev gave something to me.

for coffee:

for perky:

edited to add: and now for malina, who posted now before me:

jaymirror 01-27-2004 06:37 PM

hope beale can forgive me

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