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nycwriters 02-08-2003 08:14 PM

Let's write an epic poem. There really are no rules except that you can only add, at most, a stanza (up to four lines).


Yesterday as dawn was breaking,
I fought sleep
in fits and drifts,

voxpop 02-10-2003 02:04 AM

hapless and hungering
dusk to dawn
the dream lifts only to find me
in ice drawn dread

zenbabe 02-10-2003 05:13 AM

drifting in a cold sea
still frozen and lost
the sun throws it's light
the day has begun

voxpop 02-10-2003 09:11 AM

i summon the power
of ancient warriors
my kin,
great kings and queens of yon

nycwriters 02-10-2003 02:26 PM

once powerful
now buried in potters fields.
They yield, they rise;
they hear me call.

zenbabe 02-10-2003 05:50 PM

A scream so shrill
Yet silently heard
I look towards the heavens
and search for the words

nycwriters 02-10-2003 06:14 PM

The war has begun.
In whispers by a coal stoked stove
In alleys behind the urchin's bar
In dark corners that man never treads

voxpop 02-11-2003 01:19 AM

voices, stagnant, flimy
eat at my heart
years of toil, of worry
i still my heart and ready my blade.

zenbabe 02-11-2003 02:30 AM

Ready my stike
I have been waiting for long
your shadow is waiting
Tis your blood that I long

nycwriters 02-11-2003 04:59 AM

The war is here.

Faint hearts beating,
brave souls, lives fleeting,
follow their bretheren

voxpop 02-11-2003 09:37 AM

these treacherous tides
shifting left then right
our battle call demands us
to be clear in our hearts, in our minds.

nycwriters 02-11-2003 04:01 PM

The iron men are here
cloaked in atomic ire
Set course for barreled boughs
Fetid in their lust.

zenbabe 02-11-2003 11:32 PM

Longing to be home
To where the life is sweet
Yearning for soft kisses
They dance across the fire

voxpop 02-12-2003 01:16 AM

Flame pierces the grey dawn.
The earth extracts an anguished plea
from all who fall within her womb,
embracing metal forged in flame.

nycwriters 02-12-2003 12:42 PM

Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum,
The canons' light flare,
He's got a picture of her in his pocket
close to his heart, she's there.

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