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nanees 05-20-2003 04:50 PM

Dresden Dolls at Galapagos(sp.?) in Brooklyn
Hi all,

This is my first time posting at this site. I've been coming to ze's site for a few months now. Although I do apologize if this is not the correct manner to place an announcement. I just wanted to let everyone in the new york city area know about a band that I went to see last night called the "dresden dolls". it's just a girl on piano and a guy on the drums but they came through more powerfully (in my opinion any way) than a lot of 4 or 5 piece bands i've seen. the performance on vocals combined with the lyrics are a great combination, great dynamics, and really good chemsitry between the drummer and the pianist/singer. only 6 bucks... definitely worth a look and listen. they'll be playing at galapagos(i think that's how you spell it) in brooklyn. i am not sure what time exactly they go on, maybe 8 i think. i already went to see them last night so unfortunately my grand presence will not be at this particular performance. i think www.dresdendolls.com is their website.

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