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Klynne 05-26-2004 08:33 PM

Do you like to dance naked?

Ok, just one more and I have to go.

Spicy Jack 05-26-2004 08:34 PM

Can you pick me up and spin me around again?

It was greenish and kinda furry.

Klynne 05-26-2004 08:41 PM

What did that five pound brick of cheese you bought last Christmas look like?

It is so cold.

imdrsmooth 05-26-2004 08:41 PM

What did it feel like in your arm pit?

Cactus, purple and fluffy.

Klynne 05-26-2004 08:43 PM

What is your favorite stuffed toy?

Packed my bags.

imdrsmooth 05-26-2004 08:45 PM

Are you leaving on a jet plane?

the taco is moldy.

Spicy Jack 05-26-2004 08:45 PM

What is going to be the secret code phrase?

It is not until tomorrow.

imdrsmooth 05-26-2004 08:48 PM

When is the peanut butter being smeared on my chest?

Monkey babies!

Klynne 05-26-2004 08:50 PM

What happens when monkeys get together and don't use protection?

I prefer crunchy peanut butter.

imdrsmooth 05-26-2004 08:51 PM

What kind of peanut butter are you smearing on my chest?

Meow, woof, bark

Spicy Jack 05-26-2004 08:52 PM

Did you just say something?

It takes at least two.

imdrsmooth 05-26-2004 08:54 PM

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?

it kind of looked like a shoe.

Spicy Jack 05-26-2004 08:56 PM

What was that thing you were chewing on?

It had condensation all over it.

Klynne 05-26-2004 08:57 PM

What do you think that was?

Ouch! That hurts.

imdrsmooth 05-26-2004 09:02 PM

What do you say when someone touches your elbow?

No, not that one, the other one!

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