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Deviate 05-29-2003 09:52 PM

oh sweet lord almighty, thank you.


Red Princess 05-29-2003 10:40 PM

song in my head

you're just like cross town traffic
it's so hard to get through to you

darlin, didn't you see my signals turn from green to red?

agentsmith 05-29-2003 11:30 PM

moel that sites a rip off! i own a book called how to be a villain by neil zawaki and that site is such a rip off!

agentsmith 05-29-2003 11:41 PM

not proffesional villains like me...

ambo 05-29-2003 11:57 PM

*another entry*

Red Princess 05-30-2003 12:33 AM

i suddenly want to burn incense and make a daisy chain wreath to wear on my head while singing simon and garfunkel songs.
slow down you move too fast
you've got to make the morning last
just kicking down the cobblestones
looking for fun and feelin' groooooovy!
da da da da da da da, feelin' grooovy!

ambo 05-30-2003 12:36 AM

wish i was a kellogs cornflake
floatin' in my bowl makin' movies
relaxin' a while
livin' in style
talkin' to a raisin who occasionally plays l.a.
casually glancin' at his toupee

agentsmith 05-30-2003 01:03 AM

who wants a new avatar?

Zyle 05-30-2003 06:11 AM

ooh moel got a new one. I like. :)

chuckie egg 05-30-2003 08:05 AM


Originally posted by chuckie egg
Enough of this tomfoolery... I declare this thread dead.

So there.


Disobediant children!

dickieC 05-30-2003 08:09 AM

Bossy boots

chuckie egg 05-30-2003 08:10 AM


Deviate 05-30-2003 10:00 AM

oy vey yourself, Ms. Egg.


dinzdale 05-30-2003 10:02 AM

Oi Vey.....is that a Jewish martial art?

Deviate 05-30-2003 10:37 AM

why, yes it is. smack down your yarmulka and let's battle!



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