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madasacutsnake 10-08-2007 06:32 AM

Roy and HG may call it.

brightpearl 10-08-2007 06:49 AM

I am just too damned fond of eating dim sum while watching shotput.

Marcus Bales 10-08-2007 07:11 AM

Because the point of the Olympics is to suspend just the sort of political disagreement that a boycott embodies.

craig johnston 10-08-2007 11:03 AM

auntie aubrey 10-08-2007 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by craig johnston (Post 364256)
why aren't you boycotting the beijing olympics?

i am boycotting the beijing olympics. but i boycott all olympics so it's kind of an empty gesture.

T.I.P. 10-08-2007 12:38 PM

There is a good chance i won't be watching them, unless i stop by my folk's place to have lunch during August 2008 (they have a tv).

zero 10-08-2007 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by johnston
why aren't you boycotting the beijing olympics?

where are they being held?

craig johnston 10-08-2007 04:13 PM

where are you being held?

i agree aa, but it's gonna be the biggest propaganda exercise since berlin'36.


Frieda 10-08-2007 06:54 PM

because i'm not politicially involved enough to care and i think there are other countries that lock people away, participate in arms races, suppress nations and the people in it, and have a huge propaganda machine going on.

what i hope is that the olympic spirit will stay in china.. that it actually might do some good for the chinese people.

auntie aubrey 10-08-2007 08:22 PM

i don't believe in the olympic spirit. i put five rings under my pillow last night and they were still there this morning. shouldn't the olympic spirit have at least left me a bronze medal? i mean at least?

topcat 10-09-2007 01:25 AM

your performance wasnt really that good.

lukkucairi 10-09-2007 01:58 AM


Originally Posted by Frieda (Post 364309)
what i hope is that the olympic spirit will stay in china.. that it actually might do some good for the chinese people.

if nothing else, it'll be interesting to see if they manage to curb atmospheric pollution for the duration of the games. that crap wafts all the way across the pacific and makes it sometimes even as far as utah...not that we don't have our own love affair with particulate emissions here in the valley...

Brynn 10-09-2007 05:09 AM

Question for Tuesday, October 9, 2007
What would it take for me to get you to rub my left shoulder (right beside my neck) besides "pretty please?"

madasacutsnake 10-09-2007 06:40 AM

I would trade you for two hours of housework.

Stephi_B 10-09-2007 06:58 AM

One or two cups latte macchiato (or cappuccino) - one or two depending on how you content you were with the service.

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