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Frieda 10-11-2008 06:42 AM

why don't you just send him an email??

he has his website on his profile.

trisherina 10-11-2008 11:33 AM

You can probably spot him in here.

xfox 10-12-2008 02:36 PM

or here

Brynn 10-14-2008 04:25 AM

new question of the day -

if you were stranded in the wilderness for three months with only a knife and a bucket, how well would you survive?

YsaPur EsChomuw 10-14-2008 04:29 AM

maximum two weeks without the message board :o

madasacutsnake 10-14-2008 05:00 AM

Define wilderness?

Brynn 10-14-2008 05:40 AM

It's wild. Full of wild things that it supports. And it's hard to find your way out of it. Any landscape without civilization will do.

For fun, let's rule out an ocean landscape. I don't think many would survive more than a day.

Frieda 10-14-2008 07:50 AM

i'm surviving in the civilized world right now, and i think i would do a lot better in the wilderness.

especially with the bucket, here you can wear it on your head and pretend nothing shitty is happening around you, in the wilderness a bucket is useful for so many things, you know??

Stephi_B 10-14-2008 08:34 AM

Dunno if or how well, but I'd survive (or not) at least in a clean way
for this bucket and knife are excellent tools to construct myself a makeshift shower :) ;)

β cyg 10-14-2008 01:18 PM

i once grew my own radishes :)

lukkucairi 10-14-2008 01:27 PM

hm - arid southwest? about as long as it takes to die of dehydration.

humid eastern mountains? a little while, depends how long it takes to contract lyme disease.

bahamian coppice? probably the best shot, since I know a lot of the wild foods and have an inkling of where to look for water.

Coffee 10-14-2008 01:29 PM

I want the ocean landscape...mussles, clams...mmmm.

Just promise me there won't be a starbucks nearby.

zero 10-14-2008 04:03 PM


- henry david thoreau

12"razormix 10-15-2008 05:00 PM


Originally Posted by Brynn (Post 399375)
I don't think many would survive more than a day.

what would be the cause of death after one day?

Coffee 10-15-2008 05:30 PM

internet withdrawal (that was a new question of the day...right?)

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